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The Founder

After 25 years I'm still not certain that the phrase "every obstacle is a blessing in disguise" would apply in my case. This is because, when I left a private school where I had worked for 12 years, I could not have imagined that I would become involved in creating a school, with everything that entails.

Perhaps the Schools have, in fact, succeeded in becoming a modern and dynamic educational community of culture and sports, recognized throughout Greece today.

It seems as though their reputation has rather surpassed Greek and European borders, as our students are currently studying on scholarship in the best universities of the United States: Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Stanford, Caltech, MIT, Duke, Dartmouth, Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, and Great Britain: Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial, etc., while others have taken part in International Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science Olympiads, in which they have won distinctions worldwide.

Perhaps the fact that our students have consistently ranked first in the Greek universities’ entrance examinations; and in local and national student contests such as the Panhellenic Forensics Association Tournament (English language dramatic and rhetorical speech national competition), as well as Hellenic Mathematical Society, Chemistry, Computer Science, Ancient Greek, Orchestra, Theater, Modern Greek Rhetorical Speech, etc., competitions, proves the Schools’ worth in the minds of great thinkers of our nation. Perhaps the above has been complemented with sports distinctions where, so far, the Schools have conquered a world and two national high school basketball championships.

I wonder, is it worth sacrificing one’s own life and that of one’s family, to provide such a level of studies to young minds? As you can see, providing a yes or no answer is somewhat difficult. Yes, it is definitely worth fighting for youngsters’ education when one:

Does something that is fulfilling;
Believes that, along with instructing, one is shaping character and instilling Greek Orthodox ideals in young minds;
Combines tradition and progress, two very significant factors for the continued existence of any people;
Is able, in the best possible way, to achieve infusing the meaning of the phrase "a healthy mind in a healthy body" into students’ consciousness.

And all this, I for one will not have succeeded in, had I not been surrounded by wonderful teaching, technical, and administrative staff, as well as by my family who, selflessly and for many years, stood beside me and helped me with their insight and innovative ideas, which are invaluable for the achievement of a school’s lofty goals. These are the qualities that are essential to us in realizing the demanding goals of our institution, in order to continue living up to the outstanding reputation and high regard we have earned here at Mandoulides Schools.

Evangelos Mantoulidis
Founder of Mandoulides Schools

Evangelos Mantoulidis’ text was written on the occasion of the Schools’ 25th Anniversary.

Evangelos Mantoulidis CV

The Schools

Mandoulides Schools is a modern and dynamic educational, sports, and cultural community that is renowned throughout Greece.

The Schools include
Day Care Center, Kindergarten, Elementary School, Junior - Senior High School, Counseling and Studies Abroad Center.


  • 1978: the Kindergarten and Elementary School are founded.
  • 1991: the Junior - Senior High School is founded.
  • 2002: the 2nd Kindergarten and 2nd Elementary School are founded.
  • 2002: the 2nd Junior - Senior High School is founded.
  • 2007: the Day Care Center is founded.

The Schools feature:

Indoor areas
Classrooms with up-to-date infrastructure and modern technology; Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Computer Science laboratories and other spaces for specialized courses; libraries; health centers

Outdoor areas
Playgrounds, activities park, zoo, vegetable garden, guard post

Cultural and Sports Center on the Junior - Senior High School premises:

  • 500 seat theater for concerts, theatrical performances, conferences and other events, as well as conferences rooms.
  • State-of-the-art basketball court of Olympic specifications with oak floors and 1000 spectator capacity.
Indoor gym with 1000 spectator capacity

Indoor gym with 1000 spectator capacity at the Junior - Senior High School Cultural and Sports Center featuring:

  • State-of-the-art basketball court of Olympic specifications with oak floors.
  • Individual workout halls, weight rooms and a sauna.
Indoor gym with a 300 spectator capacity

Indoor gym with a 300 spectator capacity on the Day Care Center - Kindergarten - Elementary School premises, featuring:

  • State-of-the-art basketball court with oak floors.
  • Ballet studio, table tennis and Tae Kwon Do courts, and a sauna.
Indoor gym for younger students

Indoor gym for younger students on the Day Care Center - Kindergarten - Elementary School premises, featuring:

  • Rubber safety flooring.
  • Gymnastics bars, pool with balls, and exercise mats.
Outdoor sports facilities on the Junior - Senior High School premises

Outdoor sports facilities on the Junior - Senior High School premises:

  • 2 volleyball courts.
  • 2 basketball courts.
  • 1 tennis court.
  • 1 soccer field.
  • 5x5 soccer field with synthetic turf.
  • 1 handball court.
Outdoor sports facilities on the Day Care Center - Kindergarten - Elementary School premises

Outdoor sports facilities on the Day Care Center - Kindergarten - Elementary School premises:

  • 2 basketball courts.
  • 1 volleyball court.
  • 1 soccer field.
  • 5x5 soccer field with synthetic turf.
  • 1 mini basketball court with rubber safety flooring.
  • 1 mini soccer field with synthetic turf.
  • 1 mini golf course.

Philosophy - Mission

School life at Mandoulides Schools...

Is pursued in up-to-date buildings with impressive equipment in total harmony with the Schools’ modern pedagogic objectives and with respect towards the environment.

Is organized following the advice of distinguished educators who introduce innovations, establish progressive programs, cultivate capabilities in students and lead them towards achieving their goals.

Is augmented with additional teaching hours allocated for core subjects: Greek language, Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science; foreign languages: English, French, and German; as well as with programs after school.

Is enriched by the ardent cultivation of culture and sports. The awards and honorable mentions, gained by groups of students who enjoy special instruction and coaching at Mandoulides Schools, bear witness to the quality of work being carried out here.

Flourishes within a wide range of activities and pioneering programs such as: Flipped Classroom, Watch & Learn, Case Studies, student clubs, participation in international educational conferences and European programs, cooperation with schools abroad, literary and environmental projects, community support programs (volunteering, blood donation, etc.), as well as training seminars and advisory sessions for parents.

Is nurtured by a range of optional activities after school: classes in English, French and German, Computer Science, Robotics, Ballet, Modern Dance, Art, Tae Kwon Do, as well as Basketball, Soccer, Girls' Volleyball, Tennis, Swimming and Skiing academies.

Extends into the summer months with educational and sports programs for children of Thessaloniki.

Is supported by expert medical and professional personnel (psychologist, speech therapist, pediatrician, dentist, eye specialist, gynecologist, urologist, etc.) to address possible health needs and ensure that parents are fully informed.

Culminates every year with our graduating students taking up places in the most prestigious universities in Greece, Europe and the United States, while gaining awards in International Olympiads in Mathematics, Informatics, Biology, Physics, and Astronomy & Astrophysics, as well as in international competitions in Language, Arts, and Sports.


Mandoulides Schools have received wide recognition for their quality of service, innovative actions, new technologies, environmental programs and foreign languages.

Microsoft Showcase School

showcaseschool-logo-transMandoulides Schools are one of the 4 schools in Greece and one of the 850 schools worldwide that have been selected by Microsoft as a “Microsoft Showcase School”.

This distinction for the Schools is a recognition of the innovative actions and educational programs that have been implemented for years, with emphasis on the use of new technologies both in education and in administration.

Programs such as Flipped Classroom, Watch & Learn, Case Studies, Art & Science Days and the digital platform “my.mandoulides” form an essential part of the educational process. They render technology an indispensable tool for students, they make the learning process more interactive and creative, and they ensure the proper operation of the Schools.

The teaching and administrative staff are properly trained and updated on new technologies and the use of innovative tools. Microsoft has singled out 48 teachers in Greece, of whom 11 are Mandoulides Schools teachers.

The Schools, being a “Microsoft Showcase School”, act as a model for the other schools in the community they belong in and they hope that the vision of a smart and modern school becomes a reality for all schools.

PSAT, SAT Reasoning, SAT Subject tests, ACT test center

sat-psat-logo-5The PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test) takes place once a year and prepares candidates for the SAT Reasoning Tests and SAT Subject Tests. The SAT Reasoning Tests, SAT Subject Tests and ACT exams take place six times a year and are necessary for admission to US universities.

TOEFL iBT test center

toefl-4The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is the most popular exam for the certification in understanding and using English at an academic level. TOEFL iBT  is an essential asset for candidates who intend to be admitted to international universities, as it is a recognized criterion for admission to more than 9,000 educational institutions in 130 countries.

Cambridge English exam center

cpe-2Cambridge English exams CPE, CAE, FCE, PET are known worldwide and recognized by schools, universities and both private and public sectors all over the English-speaking world.

Success in Cambridge English exams provides an internationally recognized certificate of competency in the English language.

Registered UCAS center

ucasMandoulides Schools is a registered UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) center. Our students, with the help of the head advisor, fill out and submit applications for admission to universities of Great Britain. In addition to the advisory procedure, students are informed of any changes in the British education system and receive guidance on selecting universities.

Our students’ admissions to top UK universities every year are a recognition of our work.

DELF exam center

delf-dalf-menesrFrench language exams DELF: A1.1, A1 Prim, A2 Prim (for children up to 12 years) A1, A2, B1, B2 are administered by the French Institute.

Success in the DELF exams provides an internationally recognized certificate of competency in the French language.

Certified KeyCERT center

keycertMandoulides Schools are an Information Technology Center certified by Key CERT, the officially recognized certification body of EKEPIS. In IT courses students are fully prepared to meet the demands of the IT certification exams, so that, upon finishing junior high school, they gain the respective certificate, which is valid for life, according to the latest Ministerial Decision 121 929 / H / 7.31.2014 (GG B 2123/2014).

Member of Eco Schools Network

oikologiko-sxoleio-2Mandoulides Schools are a member of the Eco Schools Network of the largest Greek environmental organization, the Greek Society of Nature Protection. Our school has been presented with the Eco Schools Flag (Green Flag) in 2007, 2011, 2014 and 2016. The Flag is awarded every 2 or 3 years to schools with strong environmental action.


Two years after the sudden passing of Evangelos Mantoulidis in the spring of 2007, the Schools decided to republish his Etymological Dictionary of the Ancient Greek Language in honor of his memory.

Evangelos Mantoulidis, an eminent teacher of Classical Greek Philology, worked primarily on language, focusing on the roots and origins of Ancient Greek words. His gift for teaching Ancient Greek and Latin, languages he held an abiding reverence for, distinguished him among colleagues as a venerable educator in his discipline.

During the 1970s, while he was directing one of the largest tutoring school in northern Greece with an enrolment of up to 2500 students, he published a series of books on the subject of language, etymology and grammar. He strove to make his lessons accessible to the students, understandable and interesting. He taught the etymology of words in the form of a game, bringing his lessons to light and life.

You can find the etymological dictionary at Ianos and Konstandinidis bookstores.

etymologiko leksiko
Etymological Dictionary
of the Ancient Greek language

Mandoulides Schools wanted to strengthen the bonds between the institution and our city. As part of its 20th Anniversary, the Schools undertook a special collection edition entitled: Thessaloniki, Through Writers of the Past, published by Ianos. The selection of excerpts and the layout and composition of the book was undertaken by philologist Dr. Aspa Hasioti. The book was presented to the public by Minister of Culture Evangelos Venizelos, author Nikos Bakolas, Professor of Law at Aristotle University George Anastasiadis, and publisher Nikos Karazas. Selected excerpts were read by Alex Kostalas.

The yearbook is published at the end of each school year, containing all the paramount moments, news, and events of student life at Mandoulides Schools.




leukoma 2014


leukoma 2012

leukoma 2011
lefkoma 2010
lefkoma 2007

School Messages is the magazine published by Mandoulides Schools, edited by our students.












Fabulist is the literature magazine created yearly by Mandoulides Schools’ Junior and Senior High School students. In this magazine, students publish their poems, stories and essays inspired by current events, as well as their entries in literary competitions and rhetorical speech tournament events (Impromptu and Oratory). Finally, the student project based on Mandouldes Schools’ participation in the International Student Conference which takes place at the Zografeio Lykeio in Istanbul in honor of a different Greek writer each year is also published in the magazine.





The magazine Flame is comprised of essays by students of Mandoulides Schools written in English and illustrated by students. Through its pages, Junior and Senior High School students express their opinions on issues of global interest. At the same time, they unfold their literary talent, by writing poems and original stories. Finally, they narrate personal experiences from visits to foreign countries under student exchange programs and student conferences, and from participation in rhetorical speech competitions and in the Panhellenic Forensics Association Tournament.

Flame 2017

Flame 2016

Flame 2015

Flame 2014

Flame 2013

Flame 2012

Flame 2011

Flame 2010

Flame 2009

In order to help keep students fully prepared and up to date on information related to their lessons, the Schools publish a selection of helpful books, articles and papers written by a team of expert educators. In this way, students are freed from the concern of whether or not the choice of supplementary material is suitable to the educational needs of the student.

Career Opportunities

Dear applicants,

In order to work at Mandoulides Schools, you must first fill out the Application Form. Due to the large volume of applications submitted, we will notify only the applicants whom we deem suitable for the posts available. Should you encounter any problem completing the application form, please contact the IT support department at itsupport@mandoulides.edu.gr.


Thank you for your interest.

Job Openings

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Must be a native speaker.
  • Must have at least 3 years teaching experience.
  • Must have excellent knowledge in computers (MS Office, Internet).
  • A professional and cooperative attitude is most welcome.