The Art & Science Webinars 2021, which were attended by 371 students from various schools, were successfully completed. More specifically, the webinars that took place are the following:

Mathematical Thinking and Logic

On Thursday and Friday, 2 and 3 September, 8th to 12th grade students attended the Mathematical Thinking and Logic program. This program has been organized for the past 15 years by Mandoulides Schools and the participants are distinguished teachers, representatives of the Hellenic Mathematical Society and Mathematical Olympiads winners. The program was an idea proposed by the founder of the Schools, Evangelos Mandoulidis, and aims to the free of charge preparation of students for the demanding exams organized by the Hellenic Mathematical Society as well as Mathematical Olympiads and Balkan Mathematical Olympiads. 

Introduction to Mathematical Thinking and Logic

On Friday, 2 September, 7th grade students attended the program Introduction to Mathematical Thinking and Logic. This program intends to stimulate the interest of students inclined towards mathematics via specially designed exercises, while guiding them towards the deep understanding of mathematical concepts. The ultimate goal of the program is to familiarize students with mathematical notions that surpass the boundaries of textbooks. It is really interesting and necessary for students who participate in competitions organized by the Hellenic Mathematical Society.

Mathematical Games

On Friday, 2 September, 5th and 6th grade students attended the program Mathematical Games. The aim of the program is to guide and encourage students to familiarize themselves with the basic notions of mathematics, while combining learning with fun. Students are involved in solving mathematical riddles and puzzles as well as performing innovative and engaging activities in the form of play that trigger their love for mathematics.

Let’s Talk Day

Students of the 5th and 6th grade of Mandoulides Schools as well as students from various private and public schools of Thessaloniki had a first encounter with Public Speaking by attending the Webinar “Let’s Talk Day,” on Monday, 6 September. First of all, they were informed about the general rules of Debate and Group Discussion, the main games of the Let’s Talk rhetoric speech tournament in English. In addition, they watched an actual debate consisting of students from Great Britain. Later on, they were expected to think of advantages and disadvantages related to a given topic in order to present them as members of the proposition and opposition respectively. Finally, they really enjoyed themselves while playing speech games during which they were asked to support their opinion and express agreement or disagreement with their classmates.

Debate Day

Students from private and public schools of Thessaloniki attended the Webinar “Debate Day,” on Monday, 6 September. During the webinar students were given details about the game of Debate in English and were introduced to the rules regulating Public Speaking. Moreover, they had the chance to watch a Debate game in English. Its topic was related to the coronavirus pandemic and the participants were Senior High School students of Mandoulides Schools.  

Rhetoric Speech Games

Students from various schools of Thessaloniki as well as other cities attended the online presentation of “Rhetoric Speech Games,” on Tuesday, 7 September. Students were informed about the speech games of Debate, Motivational and Impromptu Speech, Expressive Reading and Virtual Trial. Furthermore, they had the opportunity to watch parts of such games in which students of Mandoulides Schools were among the participants. Finally, they posed questions and exhibited great interest in engaging themselves in rhetoric speech games.

Mandoulides Robo – Coders Days

How can we design a robot and program it in order for it to acquire artificial intelligence by utilizing its sensors? How can we program a robot in order to allow it to function automatically and assign it to clean the ocean bottom from rubbish while consuming as little energy as possible? Students were asked to provide answers to these and a lot of other questions during the program Mandoulides Robo – Coders Days, at which they programmed robots in a 3D virtual environment. They had the chance to discover how they can employ robots in order to solve algorithmic problems and how they can practice so as to participate and earn distinctions in the FLL competitions and the Panhellenic Informatics Competition in the near future. Students displayed immense interest in the activities conducted and renewed their appointment for the next Science Days meeting.

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