Our stage is the classroom, theatre in practice!

Our stage is the classroom, theatre in practice!

Shortly before the end of the school year, the theatre enchanted the children of Third Grade of the Primary School. Throughout the interdisciplinary week, they tackled different theatrical genres, culminating in the staging of their own performances! The pantomime, the shadow theatre and the puppet show with gloves and puppets were presented to the other children.

At the same time, the students wrote their own script, took on the distribution of roles and presented their works to their classmates. Also, an extensive tribute was paid to the birth of the theatre in Ancient Greece, to the architecture of the ancient Greek theatres as well as to the masks!

Of course, theatrical play and constructions could not be absent from the program. The playground was used to the fullest, the children played shadow board game, made their own masks, made wonderful figures for the needs of the performances as well as posters, which they showed to the other classes.

The fun, excitement and smile of the children was the perfect end to this wonderful week!


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