Competitions and Conferences

Art Competition

The Art Competition is addressed to junior - senior high school students in Greece and the Diaspora and encompasses theater, poetry, music (musical and choral ensembles,) painting, photography and video production. Students have the chance to cultivate and display their skills in artistic expression and creation, while recognizing the value of art in contemporary times in an educational environment that teaches and ensures fair play. Their participation in such a contest strengthens their confidence, improves their social skills, and is an ideal opportunity to meet with peers, communicate, and create. The Art Competition takes place every year on the Mandoulides Junior - Senior High School premises (12th km Highway Thessaloniki - N. Moudania, Thermi, Thessaloniki).

Mandoulides Schools, with the approval of the Ministry of Education (202133/D2/28-11-2016), organized for the 3rd consecutive year the Panhellenic student Art Competition Thursday through Saturday, March 02nd - 04th, 2017.

The Panhellenic Student Art Competition, which were organized with the approval of the Ministry of Education for the second consecutive year by Mandoulides Schools, were held with great success and the participation of 600 students from 42 junior and senior high schools of Greece and the Diaspora. Students competed in theater, music, poetry, painting, photography and video.

It was a 3-day event full of art, culture, education, creativity and collaboration with peers, reflection, joy, and optimism for the new generation, where students had the opportunity to cultivate and show off their skills in artistic expression and creation, to realize the value of art in modern times, and to create with sensitivity and compassion.

The awards ceremony, presented by Panagiotis Kountouras and Stathis Kolias, was held on the last day of the Art Competition. It began with the screening of a documentary video, created by students of the Zografeio Lykeio in Istanbul, titled "How Many are the Greeks of Istanbul?" followed by a music and dance performance by Zografeio students.

In the 2015 - 2016 Art Competition, the following schools took part: Athena Schools, 132nd Elementary School of Athens, 3rd Junior High School of Alexandroupoli, 2nd GEL of Argostoli, 2nd Junior High School of Argyroupoli, Vallianeio General Senior, High School of Kerameion, Junior High School Geniseas, Xanthi, 3rd GEL of Evosmos, Senior High School of Evropos, 1st GEL of Echedoros, 1st Junior High School of Echedoros, Zografeio Lykeio, Junior High School of Irakleia, Serres, 1st GEL of Thermaikos, Ionios School, 3rd GEL of Kavala, 7th Junior High School of Kavala, Kaisaris Schools, 2nd Junior High School of Kallithea, 2nd Junior High School of Kalyvia, 2nd GEL of Kalyvia, 1st Junior High School of Corfu, Minority Senior High School of Komotini, Mandoulides Schools, 2nd Junior High School of Metamorfosi, Attica, N. Mpakogianni Schools, 6th Junior High School of N. Irakleio, Attica, 5th Junior High School of N. Ionia, Attica, 7th Junior High School N. Smyrni, Attica, 1st GEL of Xanthi, Junior High School of Palaiochora, Halkidiki, 1st EPAL of Patmos, 2nd Experimental Junior High School of Thessaloniki, 1st Model Experimental Senior High School of Thessaloniki, 2nd Junior High School of Piraeus, Rodion Paideia, GEL Servion, 5th Junior High School of Serres, 2nd GEL of Stavroupoli, 1st GEL of Sykies, 1st GEL of Chalkidona, 1st GEL of Chalkida.


Students’ creativity and expression through art unfolded during the national student Art Competition organized by Mandoulides Schools, where more than 300 students representing 19 junior and senior high schools from Greece and abroad competed in theater, poetry, music (musical and choir ensembles), painting and video categories. During the three days of the competition, which took place with the endorsement of the Ministry of Culture and Education from April 23rd to 25th, 2015, students of the schools that took part were able to express themselves artistically and explore creative and constructive communication channels.

Participants were focused mainly on fair play, creative contribution, coexistence with peers, fruitful discussions, and artistic expression, rather than on the attainment of a prize.

The following schools participated in the Art Competitions: 2nd High School of Alexandreia, 1st EPAL Ambelokipon, 1st Gymnasium of Aridaia, 1st GEL of Aspropyrgos, 3rd GEL of Evosmos, Intercultural Gymnasium of Evosmos, Zografeio Lykeio of Istanbul, 5th GEL of Kavala, 2nd GEL of Igoumenitsa, Kaisari Schools, 3rd GEL of Kalamaria, 4th Community of Sea Scouts of Thessaloniki, GEL of Lagadas, Mandoulides Schools, N. Mpakogiannis Schools, 1st Experimental High School “Manolis Andronikos,” 2nd Experimental High School of Thessaloniki, GEL of Sykia in Halkidiki, and Gymnasium Filiaton.

European Parliament’s Plenary Session Simulation

One of the most basic and essential goals of a Greek school with a European character and a global orientation is to strengthen its European identity and to cultivate a national and European conscience in its students. An important prerequisite to having a European identity is for the youth to come into contact and familiarize themselves with the statutory bodies of the European Union that support democracy and its future.

For this purpose, on Thursday, November 12th, 2015, a "Simulation of the European Parliament’s Plenary Session" was organized at Mandoulides Schools.
The simulation consists of the formation of four committees among which more than one hundred 11th and 12th grade students have been allocated. Each of these committees will put a bill to the vote and accept corresponding amendments to individual articles proposed by the other committees. The program’s objective is to produce four bills, following a vote that will provide solutions to burning issues such as human rights, education, environment, and employment, through a fruitful and constructive dialogue.

The event was attended by the Head of the European Parliament Office in Greece Leonidas Antonakopoulos, and MEPs Ioannis Gklavakis and Chrysoula Paliadeli.

Zografeios Agon

“Zografeios Agon”
Short Story Contest on the theme:
Istanbul: Real City or Dream City

As part of the annual International Student Conference held in Istanbul, Zografeio Lykeio of Istanbul and Mandoulides Schools of Thessaloniki are reviving the  “Zografeios Agon,” a competition organized by the Philological Association of Istanbul in the late 19th century to award 10 of the best essays “on living monuments,” essays that present “Greek dialects, traditions and customs of the Greek people,” with the “generous sponsorship of the founder of the competition and great benefactor of the Association, Christakis Efenti Zografou.”

Announcement of Results

The results of the short story contest titled "Zografeios Agon" on the theme "Istanbul: Real City or Dream City," according to the decision of the judges are:

1st place Short Story Title Mpit Pazar
Pen name Nicholaos Parthenis
Full Name Dora Karathanasi
2nd place Short Story Title Everyday life
Pen name Knight of the Rose
Full Name Alexandros Charkiolakis
3rd place Short Story Title Istanbul, real or dream city
Pen name Tsafar Kamnenlis
Full Name Alexandra Chrysikopoulou

Chair: Katrin Velissari, Director of the National Book Centre (EKEBI)
Thanasis Valtinos, Author, President of the Academy of Athens
Konstantinos Mpliatkas, Journalist
Themis Panou, Actor, Author
Giorgos Skampardonis, Author
Katerina Schina, Journalist, Literatary Critic, Translator.

Educational Seminars "School"

The Schools, aware of the role of teaching and methodology and the need to continuously adapt to the respective curriculum and structure of textbooks, established the didactic seminars titled School, which have been attended with great interest by teachers and parents of pupils not just of our Schools but of other schools of the Thessaloniki Prefecture and additional prefectures.

Education and Language - In memory of Evangelos Mantoulidis
May 15th - 16th, 2009


Savvas Anastasiadis, Apostolos Apostolidis, Vyziotis Karyofyllis, Marietta Giannakou, Christos Giannaras, Theodoros Ziakas, Ioannis Kazazis, Sarantos Kargakos, Georgios Karatasios, Nikos Karatzas, Georgios Lysaridis, Georgios Papanastasiou, Theodoulos Tapanidis, Christos Tsolakis, Eva Tsoukalidou, Ioannis Chassiotis.

Language and History
November 8th - 9th 2003


Ioannis Gryntakis, Georgios Kokkinos, Ilias Kourtesidis, Loulos Dimitrios, Giannis Parisis, Nikitas Parisis, Theodoros Papagelis, Ioannis Chassiotis, Ektoras Chortis, Evangelia Psychogiou.

From Homer to Elytis
November 2nd - 3rd, 2002


Agathi Georgiadou, Ilias Kourtesidis, Zoi Bella, Theodoros Papaggelis, Giannis Parisis, Nikitas Parisis, Antonis Regkakos, Giannis Tzanis.

Seminars for Modern Greek Language and Literature - Tribute to the great artists of modern Greek literature Alexandros Papadiamantis, Angelos Sikelianos, and Andreas Empirikos
October 13th - 14th, 2001


Avra Avdi, Lampros Varelas, Anthoula Daniil, Eratosthenis Kapsomenos, Giannis Kazazis, Amalia Karamitrou, Giannis Parisis, Nikitas Parisis, Dionysis Tanis, Christos Tsolakis.

The Methodology and Teaching of Humanities and Science Courses
October 14th - 15th and 21st - 22nd, 2000


Christos Giannaras, Sarantos Kargakos, Ilias Kourtesidis, Nikos Mpabilis, Thanasis Xenos, Nikitas Parisis, Antonis Sarigiannis, Kostas Tsipis, Christos Tsolakis, Ioannis Tsoukalas.