Ecoliteracy Mandoulides


Children-nutrition (Ecoliteracy)

The Ecoliteracy program is intended to assist schools and school districts in their efforts to make their food program more transparent, nutritious and ecofriendly.

Thanks to the Noutree, evidence-based, standards and the third-party assessment school food service directors and leadership will have a road map and tools to measure their practices in nutrition and sustainability and recognize where they can make improvements.

Nutrition-notes (Ecoliteracy)

We grasp that schools need time to alter their menus, sources, and, occasionally, buildings and equipment to accommodate more scratch cooking and modified buying so this is a long-term process.

As the first step in our process each school (district) is assigned a Noutree team member and an independent Dietitian. The Dietitian then carries out a baseline evaluation which helps Noutree develop an action plan for the school and/or the district.

This first phase may take a year or longer. The partnership continues as schools keep advancing and pursuing constant improvement

Food-certification (Ecoliteracy)

Standards and assessment provide school principals with the means to develop nutrition programs. Our food certification program is based on extensive best practice research and incorporates various criteria that measure important KPIs.

Our model aims to be time-tested and represent best practices in the areas of nutrition and sustainability. With different levels of accreditation, our standards allow us to design personalized change paths for each school participating in the program.

Our certification was created to guide and strengthen school food programs at whatever stage they are in the process. The points-based approach highlights what schools are already doing and identifies areas for improvement across standards.

Nutrition-data (Ecolioteracy)

Nutritionists and industry professionals from restaurants, schools and agriculture have helped develop our standards. We are committed to continued growth. as such, our standards are regularly evaluated and officially reviewed as new scientific knowledge emerges.

Food Assessment (Ecoliteracy)

Not only do our standards look at the ingredients themselves, but also their origin and preparation. We explore the food environment of our suppliers and the ways in which they support and promote food consumption among students and the wider community.

Cost (Ecoliteracy)

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Program-application (Ecoliteracy)

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