The Schools, since their foundation, have the ancient saying “healthy mind in a healthy body” as a guide in combining sports with excellent education.

Sport is an integral part of school life and supported by highly qualified teachers of physical education and coaches, as well as by outstanding infrastructure.

Our students’ numerous and significant distinctions on a world and national level fully justify this choice.




Students: Kindergarten - 8th Grade

Venue: Mandoulides Schools
Academy Supervisor: Dimitrios Nikolaidis

The objective of Mandoulides Basketball Academy (MBA), that was founded in 1994, is to promote talented athletes while shaping proper character and cultivating their physical and mental health.

MBA acts as the incubator for Mandoulides Schools’ teams: School, Boys, Teen, and Young Men (which has won three world titles and eight national championships without defeat). Dozens of our student-athletes, including Charis Markopoulos, Nikos Zisis, Sophocles Schortsanitis, Savvas Iliades, Savvas Kamperidis, Diamandis Slaftsakis, Andreas Christodoulou, Ioannis Kouzeloglou, Stavros Toutziarakis, Kostas Sloukas, Vasilis Christides, have participated in the National Teams of all categories, achieving pan-European distinctions and confirming the quality of our programs from younger ages up to the Men’s Team, which participates in the championship of the Third National Division.

Students: 4th Grade - 8th Grade
Venue: Junior - Senior High School premises
Transport: School buses (except Saturdays)
Camp Supervisor: Dimitris Nikolaidis


Teaching THE BASICS of basketball NEVER ENDS with experienced coaches, with fun, respect, ethos, fair play, enthusiasm and love for what you do, strong effort and passion for Basketball.


The program includes:

  • The possibility to improve on a personal and team level
  • Station work
  • Shooting - Footwork
  • Team training sessions
  • Competition games
  • Matches - Tournaments.

In this club, in addition to the basic theory and rules of the sport, children will learn to how to discipline themselves, cooperate and play fair. By practicing the basic techniques of this team sport (passes, kicks etc.), they will succeed in getting good results in matches.

The Cultural Athletics Association Evangelos Mantoulidis (MAS Mandoulides) was founded in 1970 under the name MAS Ippokratis. In 1989 Evangelos Mantoulidis, founder of the Schools, assumed sponsorship of the team. The Men's Basketball Team then competed in the E’ category of EKASTH. In 1992 Evangelos Mantoulidis assumed the management of the Association and the name of the group changed to MAS Mandoulides-Ippokratis, and then in 2002 MAS Mandoulides. In 2015 it is renamed “Evangelos Mantoulidis Sports and Educational Association” as a token of respect to its founder, Evangelos Mantoulidis.

The contribution of Evangelos Mantoulidis after he took the reins of the Association was truly great. The Men's Team has risen in league every year since. In 1994, for the first time in its history, the team competed in the A’ league of EKASTH. In 1995 the team rose to the C’ National League. Since then, the team has been competing in national leagues (B - C National). The team has been named National Champion in the C’ league 3 times (1998, 2002, 2009).

The great successes of MAS Mandoulides on a national level in recent years (2 men’s championships and 7 boys’ championships), and the qualitative work that takes place in the Association which has resulted in the emergence of the majority of players competing in national teams, teams A1 and Euroleague, make for a cumulative record which will be irrefutable in the future.


Students: Day Care Center - 12th Grade
Venue: Tziolas Soccer Club

Academy Supervisor: George Deliyiannis

This Academy aims to introduce children to sports while protecting them and shielding them from any adverse attitudes sometimes associated with some followers of the sport in the contemporary era. In a spirit of solidarity and mutual support, focusing on principles and virtues such as discipline, fighting spirit, hard work, persistence, and passion, we teach children to cooperate with their peers and to socialize while setting both individual and group goals.

Highly qualified and experienced coaches of the Schools impart their knowledge with love and care to the protagonists of the “King of Sports”. Mandoulides Schools’ Soccer Academy, having now built solid foundations in shaping young students’ attitude towards sports during developmental ages, continues its efforts unabated, to ensure that more and more students come to love sports through soccer.

With the constant supervision of highly qualified coaches, in carefully selected sports facilities, with desire to play and love for the most popular sport of all, Soccer Camp is looking forward to welcoming its athletes.

The program includes:

  • Learning the regulations of Soccer and Beach Soccer
  • Footvolley and Beach Soccer tournaments
  • Exercise program focusing on the improvement of fitness and muscle toning
  • Individual player, group and subgroup drills
  • A specialized program aimed at improving basic techniques
  • Team tournaments - Friendly games.

Soccer is a social game. Collaboration with teammates and the special relationship with the opponents are the key ingredients that result in the socialization of children. The dramatic nature of the game, which is due to the constantly changing situations, nurtures and cultivates children spiritually and mentally. There is still a moral side to this activity with respect to regulations, disciplined play and acceptance of punishment.


Students: 1st Grade - 12th Grade
Venue: Mandoulides Schools
Academy Supervisor: Diaz Luis Alexey

The main objective of the Volleyball Academy is, through systematic work, for Mandoulides Schools to become a role model school in girls’ volleyball. For this reason, participants have the opportunity during the training sessions to:

  • Improve their general fitness.
  • Improve in the technical elements of the sport.
  • Be entertained.
  • Be educated.
  • Cultivate team spirit and celebrate cooperation.
  • Learn to set goals and achieve them.

In the volleyball club, students of our school have the opportunity to get acquainted with the rules, techniques and skills of this sport. It is also certain that, like with any team sport, it provides students with opportunities for collaboration and smoother integration into the various social groups of their peers.

Tae Kwon Do

Students: Pre-Kindergarten - 6th Grade
Venue: Mandoulides Schools
Academy Supervisor: Pagona Papadopoulou

Tae: Leg techniques
Kwon: Arm techniques
Do: Philosophy, the athlete’s spirit

The main objective of this program is for students to come to love exercising first and foremost, to learn to respect the team’s rules, and of course, the teacher.

In self-defense, the athlete is taught to protect and defend himself or herself from any attack.

In Poomsae uniforms, the athlete is taught different defensive and offensive moves with balance and rhythm against an imaginary opponent. Finally, in the race technique, the athlete tries to earn points through various methods and learns to compete within an 8x8 sq.m arena, wearing protective clothing, such as a safety shield, helmet, dentures, and shin guards.


Students: Pre-Kindergarten - 6th Grade
Venue: Star Pool Center
Academy Supervisors: Yiannis Natsios

The Swimming Academy of the Schools operates in the state-of-the-art Star Pool Center pool with highly qualified coaches - swimming instructors and is addressed to children from 4 to 12 years of age.

The objectives of this Academy are for the students to:

  • Learn to manage water safely.
  • Properly learn the technique of swimming.
  • Make swimming an asset and a way of life.
  • Improve their general fitness.
  • Improve their individual skills.
  • Be entertained.

This Academy uses a five-level swimming learning program. Each level has a different degree of difficulty and different objectives. The initial placement of children in levels is carried out according to their age and by evaluating their existing swimming skills.


Kindergarten - 6th grade students
Venue: Les Raquettes Tennis Academy
Academy Supervisor: Andreas Zouridakis

The Tennis Academy is devoted to ensuring that more and more students come to love sport through tennis.

A child who starts to play tennis from the age of 5 years improves his or her self-esteem and learns how to handle situations under pressure, strategically and with full awareness of the parameters of each situation.

Objectives of this academy are for students to develop:

  • Hand-eye coordination leading to overall kinetic skill.
  • Balance and body coordination.
  • Improved acceleration, speed, agility and the flexibility.
  • Self-discipline, understanding the importance of cooperation and team spirit.


Olympic Education

Within the framework of the Olympic Education program, Olympic Medalists and Paralympics Medalists have visited Mandoulides Schools.

Olympic Medalists

Ioannis Melissanidis 2001 - 2002

Floor exercises - gymnastics
1st place - gold medal (Atlanta USA, 1996)

Πατουλίδου Βούλα

Voula Patoulidou 2003 - 2004

Track and Field - 100m obstacles
1st place - gold medal (Barcelona 1992)

Anastasia Kelesidou 2004 - 2005

Discus throw - track and field
2nd place - silver medal (Athens 2004, Sidney 2000)

Πύρρος Δήμας

Pyrros Dimas 2006 - 2007

Weight lifting
1st place - gold medal (Sidney 2000, Atlanta U.S.A., 1996, Barcelona 1992),
3rd place - bronze medal (Athens 2004)

Ταμπάκος Δημοσθένης

Dimosthenis Tampakos 2007 - 2008

Rings - gymnastics
1st place - gold medal (Athens 2004)
2nd place - silver medal (Sidney 2000)

Νικολαΐδης Αλέξανδρος

Alexandros Nikolaidis 2008 - 2009

Tae Kwon Do
2nd place - silver medal (Beijing 2008, Athens 2004)

Ηλιάδης Ηλίας

Ilias Iliadis 2012 - 2013

1st place - gold medal (Athens 2004)
3rd place - bronze medal (London 2012)

Γιαζιτζίδου Χριστίνα

Christina Giazitzidou 2014 - 2015

3rd place - bronze medal (London 2012)

Vasilis Polymeros 2015 - 2016

3rd place - bronze medal (Athens 2004)
2nd place - silver medal (Beijing 2008)

Klelia Pantazi 2016 - 2017

Rythmic gymnastics
3rd place - bronze medal (Sydney 2000)

Paralympic medalists

Ταϊγανίδης Χαράλαμπος

Charalampos Taiganidis 2008 - 2009

1st place - gold medal (Beijing 2008, Athens 2004)
2nd place - silver medal (Beijing 2008)
3rd place - bronze medal (London 2012, Beijing 2008)

Ταξιλδάρης Αλέξανδρος

Alexandros Taxildaris 2010 - 2011

2nd place - silver medal (Athens 2004)

Christos Tampaxis 2011 - 2012

1st place - gold medal (Beijing 2008, Athens 2004)
2nd place - silver medal (London 2012)

Grigoris Polyhronidis 2013 - 2014

1st place - gold medal (London 2012)
2nd place - silver medal (Beijing 2008)

Andreas Katsaros 2014 - 2015

2nd place - silver medal (Beijing 2008)