Teaching Methods

Case Studies

For decades, Case Studies have been successfully used as an educational tool in prestigious universities abroad and specifically in law, business and medical undergraduate and graduate schools.

Case Studies are realistic stories that connect academic knowledge with everyday life. In dealing with Case Studies, students assume a leading role and answer scientific and ethical questions. This educational method can be used not only to explore scientific issues, but also to develop critical thinking and cultivate team spirit.


  • Development of critical thinking abilities
  • Cultivation of team spirit
  • Exploration of modern scientific issues
  • Predominantly influenced by STREAM sciences.

Case Studies

Flipped Classroom:
The class is changing...

The program Flipped Classroom takes 8th and 9th grade students on an exciting journey of knowledge in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology through modern online lectures, which students can watch at home, before the lectures are given in class!

The implementation of this program allows teachers to spend more time on additional consolidation exercises and to cooperate with all the students in the classroom, while making lectures enjoyable and creative.


Watch & Learn:
Preparation for the Panhellenic examinations is changing...

For the first time in Greece, Mandoulides Schools are applying exclusively an innovative program, which provides 10th, 11th and 12th grade students the opportunity for further practice on topics of Ancient Greek, Modern Greek, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry on the model of the Panhellenic examinations, online, at home.

Students are able to:

  • See the solutions to original practice questions on video created according to the Panhellenic examinations’ standards, answered in an exemplary manner, as the examination system requires
  • Familiarize themselves with the system and the examinations’ requirements
  • Practice addressing challenging questions of varying degrees of difficulty.

Watch & Learn