The Founder

After 25 years I'm still not certain that the phrase "every obstacle is a blessing in disguise" would apply in my case. This is because, when I left a private school where I had worked for 12 years, I could not have imagined that I would become involved in creating a school, with everything that entails.

Perhaps the Schools have, in fact, succeeded in becoming a modern and dynamic educational community of culture and sports, recognized throughout Greece today.

It seems as though their reputation has rather surpassed Greek and European borders, as our students are currently studying on scholarship in the best universities of the United States: Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Stanford, Caltech, MIT, Duke, Dartmouth, Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, and Great Britain: Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial, etc., while others have taken part in International Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science Olympiads, in which they have won distinctions worldwide.

Perhaps the fact that our students have consistently ranked first in the Greek universities’ entrance examinations; and in local and national student contests such as the Panhellenic Forensics Association Tournament (English language dramatic and rhetorical speech national competition), as well as Hellenic Mathematical Society, Chemistry, Computer Science, Ancient Greek, Modern Greek Rhetorical Speech, Orchestra, Theater, etc., competitions, proves the Schools’ worth in the minds of great thinkers of our nation. Perhaps the above has been complemented with sports distinctions where, so far, the Schools have conquered a world and two national high school basketball championships.

I wonder, is it worth sacrificing one’s own life and that of one’s family, to provide such a level of studies to young minds? As you can see, providing a yes or no answer is somewhat difficult. Yes, it is definitely worth fighting for youngsters’ education when one:

  • Does something that is fulfilling;
  • Believes that, along with instructing, one is shaping character and instilling Greek Orthodox ideals in young minds;
  • Combines tradition and progress, two very significant factors for the continued existence of any people;
  • Is able, in the best possible way, to achieve infusing the meaning of the phrase "a healthy mind in a healthy body" into students’ consciousness.

And all this, I for one will not have succeeded in, had I not been surrounded by wonderful teaching, technical, and administrative staff, as well as by my family who, selflessly and for many years, stood beside me and helped me with their insight and innovative ideas, which are invaluable for the achievement of a school’s lofty goals. These are the qualities that are essential to us in realizing the demanding goals of our institution, in order to continue living up to the outstanding reputation and high regard we have earned here at Mandoulides Schools.

Evangelos Mantoulidis
Founder of Mandoulides Schools

Evangelos Mantoulidis’ text was written on the occasion of the Schools’ 25th Anniversary.

Students, friends, partners and distinguished academics reminisce the life and work of Evangelos Mantoulidis, founder of the Schools.

Evangelos Mantoulidis CV


40 Years Mandoulides Schools


Mandoulides Schools completed the celebrations of their 40 years of contribution to education and culture amongst an audience of hundreds of guests at the Cultural and Sports Center of the Schools.

Leading composer Giorgos Hatzinasios and singer Manolis Mitsias, accompanied by the orchestra and the choirs of the Schools and the Melissanthi Choir of the Municipality of Alexandreia, honored the event with their concert.

Mrs. Aikaterini Mantoulidou, President of the Schools, was the keynote speaker at the event and spoke enthusiastically about the vision and hard work of the founder of the Schools, who has bequeathed a rich pedagogical heritage to the future generations of students.

Dr. Aspa Chasioti, General Director of the Schools, spoke about the milestones of the Schools since their beginning, 40 years ago, and their progress in the new era.

The event also featured a documentary about the life and work of the founder of the school, the great teacher and visionary Evangelos Mantoulidis (1938-2007), edited by journalist Kostas Bliatkas, as well as a video with the Schools’ turning points.

The event was attended by people of arts and letters, education, political life, local government, educational and administrative staff of the Schools, parents, students, alumni as well as friends of the Schools.

A reception followed at the Schools’ campus.


Students, friends, partners and distinguished academics reminisce the life and work of Evangelos Mantoulidis, founder of the Schools.




Event Photos


35 Years Mandoulides Schools

1978 - 2013

The celebration of 35 years of the operation of Mandoulides Schools and their contribution to education and culture was brightened by the presence of His All Holiness, the Ecumenical Patriarch Vartholomeos. Students, parents, friends and colleagues of the Schools had the honor and pleasure to receive the blessing of His All Holiness on the premises of the Junior - Senior High School.

As part of his visit, His All Holiness planted an olive tree in the garden of the Senior High School. It was a symbolic gesture "as a memento of the visit of His All Holiness the Ecumenical Patriarch Vartholomeos to Mandoulides Schools.”

Afterwards, the musical "A Magical City,” based on the fairytale of Eleni Priovolou and written specifically for this performance, was presented, starring students of the Zografeio Lykeio and Mandoulides Schools Elementary School.

Event full video

30 Years Mandoulides Schools

1978 - 2008

To commemorate 30 years of creativity and contribution of the Schools to education, Mandoulides Schools held two events: a concert honoring Dionysis Savvopoulos on March 15th 2009 in collaboration with the orchestra and choir of Mandoulides Schools; and a 2-day conference titled "School 2009: Culture And Language - a Tribute to the Founder, Evangelos Mantoulidis" held May 15th - 16th 2009.

In Memory of Evangelos Mantoulidis

The conference titled "School 2009: Culture And Language" began on Friday afternoon, May 15th with a tribute to the founder, Evangelos Mantoulidis. Colleagues, friends, associates, and students spoke about the life and work of Evangelos Mantoulidis. Savvas Anastasiadis, Prefectural consultant - President of the Management Body of the Koroneia and Volvi Lakes, spoke about the man, Evangelos Mantoulidis. The Regional Director of Primary and Secondary Education of Central Macedonia Georgios Karatasios mentioned the significant educational contribution of Evangelos Mantoulidis. Nikos Karatzas, President - CEO of Ianos S.A., spoke of his "friend, Vangelis Mantoulidis," while Sarantos Kargakos, historian and author, highlighted the spiritual and educational work of Evangelos Mantoulidis. Vice President of the American College Anatolia and mathematician Georgios Lysaridis talked about "the man and friend Evangelos Mantoulidis" while Eva Tsoukalidou, economist and graduate of Harvard University and Aristotle University School of Law, who met him while she was a student at Mandoulides Schools, spoke on the topic "Evangelos Mantoulidis, Our Signalman." Finally, Professor Emeritus of Modern History at Aristotle University Ioannis Hasiotis focused on "Ideology and Practice in the Educational Path of Vangelis Mantoulidis."

Greetings were given by Minister of Macedonia - Thrace Mr. Stavros Kalafatis, Prefect of Thessaloniki Mr. Panagiotis Psomiadis, and Mandoulides Schools President Mrs. Aikaterini Mantoulidou. The event ended in a heartwarming atmosphere with the concert of Loudovikos of Anogion, whom Evangelos Mantoulidis appreciated both as a person and as an artist.


Education and Language

On Saturday morning May 16th, the conference on "Education and Language" with lectures by leading public figures and men of letters began with the participation of ministers, MPs, representatives of government and education, and hundreds of university teachers and friends of Mandoulides Schools.

The opening speech for the conference was given by the former Minister of Education Marietta Giannakou, who addressed the European dimension of the Greek language.

Ioannis Kazazis, Professor of Classics at Aristotle University and Associate President of the Greek Language Center, spoke on "The Streets of Words: Philology and Culture in School Practice." A speech by Georgios Papanastasiou, Assistant Professor of Linguistics at Aristotle University and Director of the Institute of Modern Greek Studies (Manolis Triandafyllidis Foundation), followed, who expanded on the theme "The Greek Language through the Ages: Educational Issues." In the second session, Christos Tsolakis, Emeritus Professor of Modern Greek at Aristotle University, spoke on "Language and Culture," while Christos Giannaras, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at Panteion University, addressed the topic: "Language: the ‘Land’ of the Greeks.” In the third session, speakers were author Theodoros Ziakas, with the theme "Modern Nihilism and Education," and 2nd Office Head Apostolos Apostolidis, who spoke about "Silent Praise." The conference ended with a lively discussion on the role of teaching Ancient and Modern Greek within current Greek education.

Minister of Internal Affairs Konstantinos Gkioulekas addressed brief remarks to the audience at the conference which was held under the auspices of the Prefecture of Thessaloniki.

Concert by Dionysis Savvopoulos

Mandoulides Schools held a concert honouring Dionysis Savvopoulos on Sunday March 15th 2009 in collaboration with the orchestra and choir of Mandoulides Schools. It was an unforgettable evening full of memories, emotion and excitement to commemorate 30 years of creativity and contribution of the Schools to education.

Dionysis Savvopoulos, Greece's leading troubadour, shared his excitement about this collaboration with members of the orchestra and choir of Mandoulides Schools, and members of the choir of children with special abilities "En Dynami,"stressing that it was his childhood dream to play with such a virtuoso student ensemble, and wished Mandoulides Schools another 30 years of creativity and enlightenment. He also congratulated the orchestra director Gianni Polymeneri and the choir director Eleni Theodoridou, for their important work.

At the event the President of Mandoulides Schools Mrs. Aikaterini Mantoulidou addressed a greeting confirming that she, her family, and the colleagues of the Schools will continue the important work that began 30 years ago led by her partner and founder of the Schools, Evangelos Mantoulidis.

Director of Mandoulides Schools and philologist Dr. Aspa Hasioti, who coordinated the event, with journalist and author Kostas Mpliatkas, made remarks in honor of the history of the Schools, the teacher and visionary, Evangelos Mantoulidis, and the official guest Dionysis Savvopoulos.

20 Years Mandoulides Schools

1978 - 1998

Mandoulides Schools celebrated its 20th Anniversary with the special publication of a book that confirms the Schools’ creative presence in the educational life of Thessaloniki. The book, entitled “Thessaloniki, Through Writers of the Past,” was presented by Minister of Culture Evangelos Venizelos, writer Nikos Bakolas, Aristotle University Professor of Law Giorgos Anastasiadis, and publisher of the book Nikos Karatzas, while excerpts were read by Mr. Alexis Kostalas.

Remarks on the pedagogical role of the Schools were made by the Minister of Culture, founder of the Schools Evangelos Mantoulidis, Professor of the Philosophy School of Aristotle University Ioannis Hassiotis (representing parents of the first students of the Schools), and philologist of the Schools Aspa Hasioti.