Privacy Notice

Information Policy for the protection of personal data

Thank you for visiting the website of Mandoulides schools (hereinafter “website”). We assure you that protection of your personal data is our primary concern.

This policy aims at informing you about the processing of personal data on our website.

Useful terms

For your information, please see the definitions of the terms we use:

  • “Personal data”: any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. Data are considered personal when the subject they are related to may be directly or indirectly identified (i.e. through reference to name, ID number, home address, and other contact details such as phone numbers and email addresses), Internet protocol addresses of the devices used to access the Internet (IP address), age, gender, external characteristics, marital status, educational level, profession, interests, etc. The individual to whom personal data relate is called “data subject”.
  • “Processing”: any operation performed, whether or not by automated means, on personal data, such as collection, recording, organization, structuring, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination, or any other form of disposition, alignment or combination, restriction, erasure or destruction.
  • Legislation”: Greek and European legislation for the protection of individuals from processing their personal data, including Regulation 2016/679 of the European Union (GDPR).
  • “Datalogs”: electronic files on site traffic which are recorded on our server.
  • “Cookies”: short data files in the form of text which are installed on your electronic device (computer, cell phone, tablet) when you visit our website and provide particular information about your browsing (For more details, see Cookies Update).


The Controller, under article 4 paragraph 7 of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the company “MANDOULIDES SCHOOLS S.A.,” Nea Odos Thermis., Thessaloniki, tel.: 2310473813 & 2310474024, email address:

Data logs

The data we process and the purpose of processing
Α) Items automatically entered on our server

  • Data logs
    When you enter our website, we collect all those personal data (datalogs) which are transmitted to our server from your browser, and more specifically:

    • Internet Protocol Address (IP Address).
    • Date and time of request.
    • Time zone difference in relation to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
    • Content of request (specific site)
    • Access status/HTTP-Code (Status Code)
    • Transferable amount of data
    • Website from which the request comes
    • Browser
    • Operating system and its surface
    • Language and version of the browser software
  • Cookies
    In addition to the aforementioned data, when using the website, cookies, that is short text files, are stored on your device and transmit device identifiers to our server. In other words, a unique identification number is created. We would like to point out that, with the exception of “session cookies,” which are strictly necessary for you to have uninhibited access and use of our website, all other cookies are stored on our server only after you provide your consent and activate them upon entering the website.

B) Items you install

To contact us, either via email or through the form of communication of our website, we store the data which you provide us with (your email address and possibly your name and phone number) in order to respond to your questions. In this context, given that storage is not necessary anymore, we delete the respective data or restrict their processing in case there is no legal storage obligation.

Cookies Update

The cookies used by our website are mentioned in detail in the following table and their types are:

  • “Session cookies”, which are strictly necessary for you to have uninhibited access and use of our website and may not be disabled. “Session cookies” are short text files stored on the device you use and transmit device identifiers to our server. In other words, a unique identification number is created. Our website can only read “session cookies.” Their purpose is to facilitate the user’s Internet browsing and provide a friendlier and more familiar environment. “Session cookies” are deleted as soon as you log out or close your browser. More specifically, session cookies include the following information:
  1. Unique –random– website visitor ID
  2. Time of first visit to the website
  3. Time of the visitor’s previous visit to the website
  4. The visitor’s number of visits.
  • “Optional Cookies,” which we may use only if you provide us with your consent, that is only if you activate the respective links we provide upon entering the website. In any event, you may turn off “Optional Cookies” in the same way. Furthermore, “Optional Cookies” are divided into three sub-categories as follows:
  1. “Functional Cookies,” which facilitate your visits to the website.
  2. “Analysis Cookies,” which enable us to view your preferences and export statistics from all our visitors in order to improve our website. More specifically, our website uses Google Analytics, an analysis internet service of Google Inc. Google Analytics uses cookies that are stored on your electronic device and render the analysis of your browsing our website possible. These data shall not be notified to third parties for reasons of promotional actions, market research or for commercial purposes in general.
  • “Commerical Cookies,” which provide information about Mandoulides Schools so that our advertisements can be customized to your preferences.


  • Necessary “session cookie”
  • Maintains user connection to all sub-pages.
  • Is always activated and may not be disabled.


  • Necessary “session cookie”
  • Stores language preferences.
  • Is always activated and may not be disabled.


  • Analysis Cookie
  • We use Google Analytics for the collection of statistics regarding the website’s use.For more details you may read the relevant privacy policy of Google duration is 24 months.
  • You may oppose to the collection of data which are created by the cookie and are related to the use of your website (your IP address included) to Google, as well as to the processing of these data by Google by downloading and installing the available opt-out add-on. Click on the following link if you wish to do this: of Analysis Cookies does not directly influence your browsing but it limits our ability to improve the website.


  • Analysis Cookie
  • We use Google Tag Manager to measure the effectiveness of our website and improve user experience.
  • Deactivation of Analysis Cookies does not directly influence your browsing but it limits our ability to improve the website.


  • Analysis Cookie
  • It is used by Google Tag Manager to minimize the data transfer speed which is required by the use of Google Tag Manager. Its duration is equal to the time you spend on the website.
  • Deactivation does not directly influence your browsing.


  • Functional Cookie
  • Cookie that manages the tracking used before video viewing by our website and helps us choose the fastest server. It also helps us guarantee that the request to view our website is the result of intentional human will and not of some malicious software. Its duration is 12 months. For more details you may read
  • Deactivation does not directly influence your browsing but it limits our ability to maintain our servers at high availability.

Legal grounds for processing your data

The processing of your data through our website is based on the following legal grounds which are provided for in legislation:

  1. The basis for recording your internet protocol address and processing the data from recording files and the necessary cookie is our legal interest in protecting the security and integrity of the website.
  2. The process of data from optional cookies is based on your consent, that is on the activation of each cookie upon entering the website, which you may withdraw in the same way by turning off the cookies you wish.

Links to third-party websites

The website provides links to third-party websites which may perform additional data processing of their visitors/users and may use different cookies, etc. Mandoulides Schools do not bear any responsibility for these websites, thus for any relevant issue you will need to contact the owners of the respective websites.

Data retention time

The internet protocol address (IP address) of your device (computer, cell phone, or tablet) is automatically recorded to our server when you enter our website and is stored for three months from the date of your visit; afterwards, it is automatically deleted.

Session cookies are deleted when you close or log off the browser. As far as “optional cookies” are concerned, they are retained for as much time as mentioned in the above table (“Table of Cookies Used”).

Data that you provide to communicate with us, either via email or through the communication form of our website (your email address and possibly your name and phone number), are stored for as long as it is deemed necessary so that we can respond to your questions, and if their storage is no longer necessary, we delete these data or limit their processing in case there is no legal obligation to store them.

In case judicial or extrajudicial claims arise, the data shall be held until the irrevocable and final judicial decision or until the expiration of their limitation time.

Your rights and how you may exercise them

Your rights and how you may exercise them

You may, at any moment, exercise the following rights which are provided by the General Regulation:

  1. Right to be informed which data we process through our platform and in which way, and receive copies of these data as well as any other information regarding the processing (“right to information and access”.
  2. Right to rectification, that is asking the correction and/or addition of inaccurate or incomplete data, for example in case you change your email address you may ask us to replace the old with the new one.
  3. Right to be forgotten, that is asking the deletion and/or processing restriction of your data since it is no longer necessary, or if processing is not legitimate, or in case erasure is obligatory by law.
  4. Right to restriction of processing, that is requiring the restriction of processing for as long as a correction or erasure request is pending.
  5. Right to data portability, which means receiving your data in a machine-readable electronic format and having the right to transmit the data in this format to third parties of your choice (for all those data we process on conventional, legal and consensual grounds).
  6. Right to object, that is objecting to the processing of your data.

For issues regarding the exercise of the above rights and for any other communication concerning personal data, you may contact us at or 2310474024. You may also contact us in order to submit any relevant questions or remarks.

Furthermore, in case you believe that your personal data are violated in any way, you may lodge a complaint to the Hellenic Data Protection Authority (1-3 Kifisias str., 11523, Athens, tel.: 2106475600, email address:


Prior to any potential change in the processing of your personal data through our website, we will respectively modify the present update and post it so that you will be informed and that you will have the ability to effectively exercise your rights.