Extracurricular Programs

Extracurricular Programs

Mandoulides Schools offer students the opportunity to attend Extracurricular programs and academies designed to offer a comprehensive education and to cultivate students' skills.

In Mandoulides Schools’ Extracurricular Educational Programs:

  • The trust we have placed in the Schools’ standards and experience is substantiated
  • Classes are taught by select and experienced associates and educators
  • Classes are carried out in the Schools’ state of the art facilities
  • Classes are held in a safe environment
  • Students are transported using a school bus service
  • Parents save precious time.

Arkki School

School of Architecture for Children & Youth

Students: Pre-Kindergarten - 6th Grade

At Arkki workshops our little “architects” see the world through different angles, experiment, plan and discover their talents. Through experiential learning, children reinforce their three-dimensional perception, their mathematical thinking and their communication skills.

Arkki workshops are taught by Greek architects and teachers certified in Finland.


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Bilingual Experience & Entertainment (BEE)

The knowledge of foreign languages ​​is a necessity in today’s society. People have to function as members of the global community and foreign languages ​​provide them with this opportunity.

Students: 1st Grade – 6th Grade

Offered to students:

  • Whose one or both parents are native English speakers
  • Who were born, lived or studied in an English-speaking country
  • Whose mother tongue is English.

The aim of the program is the cultivation of love for the English language and the acquisition of oral fluency in it.

  • It is addressed to students of Pre-Kindergarten up to 6th Grade
  • The classes are small and experienced native speakers teach students in a creative way
  • Children learn to use and communicate in English through various actions such as group projects, theatrical performances, songs and games
  • At the same time, they are given the opportunity to learn about English culture, customs and traditions.



Students: Kindergarten - 9th Grade

The main goal of the program is to familiarize students with science and technology, in an experiential and creative way through construction and experimentation.

The curriculum and materials are determined by educators and robotics engineers, and, depending on the age group, include building and programming of electronic and robotic constructs, experimentation, dramatization and dramatic play, creation of stories, brainstorming, and creative writing.

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1st - 6th grade students

This workshop aims at fostering creative thinking and the externalization of children’s feelings and ideas.

The key objective of the program is to:

  • Bring students in contact with various forms of artistic expression.
  • Sensitize them to the world of the arts.
  • Cultivate social skills and emotional expression.
  • Experiment with various techniques and instruments through games.


Modern Dance

Students: Pre-Kindergarten - 9th Grade

The main objective of the program is for students to be initiated in the art of dance and kinesiological expression. Students are taught to stand and walk while properly controlling their body. Modern Dance increases muscle strength and develops joint agility while controlling body weight. All this is achieved with the help of diaphragm breathing, which enhances the heart and expands the elasticity of the lungs. The benefits, however, are not just physical. Music contributes to mental balance and dance is a manner of expression, an escape from daily routine.



Students: Day Care Center - 6th Grade

Through musical and kinetic practice young students develop their musicality, rhythm and imagination while exercising their body, mind and their expressiveness. In classes with older students, the integrated teaching of classical ballet begins.

The aim of the program is for our students to learn to move in harmony, following the rhythm of music with coordinated movements. The result is the acquisition of grace and improvement of posture.



Students: 5th Grade - 6th Grade

The main objective of the extracurricular Computer Science program is to better familiarize students with the computer and new technologies, through experiential activities such as creating electronic newspapers, programming games, creating movies, etc.
Extracurricular Computer Science program is enriched with MinecraftEdu and Hackathlon in order to transform learning into a game!

MinecraftEdu -a version of Minecraft specially designed for classrooms- is an open world that promotes creativity, collaboration and problem solving. Through MinecraftEdu, students attending the extracurricular program will learn from science, art and even poetry!

Hackathlon is a game based on a simple yet impressive idea. Every student has to break "break" secret codes and navigate from level to level on our specially designed educational websites. To do this, he/she needs to solve mathematical and several other puzzles, search for information, edit diagrams, explore maps, and so on. In Hackathlon, students play while learning and learn while playing!

By participating, students acquire growing incentives to develop a healthy and simultaneously creative relationship with the computer and to cultivate a programming-centered way of thinking through enjoyable activities.


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