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The Mandoulides School Franchise program provides innovative support and expertise that franchisees need in order to create the schools they want.

With more than 40 years of experience in education, Mandoulides Schools will help your franchise succeed in the business world.

Franchising is perfect for entrepreneurial individuals who want to begin a business venture for themselves, not by themselves. You invest in a proven operational model and have the advantage of partnering with a recognized, successful brand that has a system in place to support the full range of your needs, from marketing to IT and more. A team of professionals with many years of experience will guide you in developing your school.

Success with a major brand name

When you start a franchise, you have the name recognition of an existing company. That can go a long way for an entrepreneur instead of starting something new and unknown. When you have immediate name recognition, you have the trust of a large number of customers since they know what to expect based solely on the brand name. You’ll still need to market and help your franchise grow in your area, but having the initial name recognition can be a huge asset for entrepreneurs committed to promoting their companies. Franchisees find themselves making a comfortable living and improving their quality of life. Our franchisees can achieve their personal goals, while benefiting their communities.

Lower Startup Costs

Franchises are cost-effective investments in comparison to a new business created from scratch. In most cases, when you become a franchisee, you’ll have fewer costs up front.  Nevertheless, you will need to consider the franchise fee, investment capital, and liquid capital required.

Easier Financing

You’ll find that franchising makes it easier to secure funding through traditional bank loans. Many banks don’t want to take a chance on new small businesses, but a well-known franchise is a much safer bet for lenders.

One of the main advantages of owning a school is the fact that the principal is engaged in a profession in which they are the employer, without being accountable to someone else. In addition, a school owner has a bright future, with very satisfactory incentives, including a much higher than average salary. With two working parents being the norm in families, the demand for quality childcare is steadily increasing. In addition to being a recession-resistant venture, owning a preschool franchise helping to shape young minds can also be professionally and emotionally fulfilling.

Investing in education can be remarkably profitable, especially with the support of our educational institution, a Greek school whose orientation towards Europe and the entire world makes it unique. Mandoulides Schools provides valuable guidance to make it easier for you to start your new school and lay the foundation for children’s development. Our common goal is students’ learning through vibrant and creative educational practices.

Achieve your goals - Choose Success

See how the professional offering and solutions suggested on our digital platform can support your investment goals.

The mission of the Mandoulides School Franchise program is to provide franchisees with an extensive support structure to ensure the consistency of educational programs and services for the customers and to offer guidance to franchisees as they achieve their goals as business owners.

Owning a Mandoulides School Franchise allows you time to accomplish your goals and dreams. If you want to devote more quality time to your family, cross a few items off your bucket list, or travel the world, our model allows you to run the business and develop relationships while your education director, who has a background in early childhood education, will be responsible for the curriculum, programming and teacher development, under your supervision and direction. Owning a school can help you accomplish both your professional and personal goals.

Our curriculum is enhanced with innovative actions and initiatives and renders a Mandoulides School an ideal franchise opportunity in the high-demand sector of education. 

Mandoulides Schools Day Care Center and Kindergarten lay the foundation for the sound development of the child. Students learn to discover themselves; they take initiative and develop skills, combining knowledge with creative play. Expert educators help the youngsters forge a balanced and well-rounded personality through the use of modern pedagogic methodologies, on a friendly and secure campus, full of joy and care, love and creativity.

The curriculum includes familiarization with New Technologies, Foreign Languages, Creative Activities, Clubs, STREAM Activities, Innovative Programs, Literature and Discourse Programs, Art and Performance Programs, Environmental Projects and Sports.

Mandoulides School Advantages

We join hand-in-hand with prospective school owners to help accelerate their plan and turn educational aspirations into realities.

We re-imagine education together!

We help our partners create educational models and prepare students for the future. With professional learning services and a digital platform specifically designed to put learners first, we help address the challenges of starting schools today. Together, we can empower every individual to drive their own planning and reach their full potential.

Through close partnership with you, we design customized professional learning pathways that lead to the articulation of strong learner-centered outcomes. Moreover, we create the enabling conditions that result in the achievement of your professional goals. ​Our aim is to actualize your vision and implement it in the best possible way.


At Mandoulides Schools we engage our students in active, open-minded learning from the moment we lay down the first building blocks of education. Rigor and respect for others, a constant reaching out to the world around us, and a strong educational ethos characterize our chosen course. The pursuit of excellence and innovation in learning, combined with our love for children, define the Schools’ identity.

We are dedicated to preparing our students for the dynamic and committed lives they will lead in bettering today’s and tomorrow’s world.

  • 1978: Kindergarten and Elementary School are founded.
  • 1991: Junior - Senior High School is founded.
  • 2002: 2nd Kindergarten and 2nd Elementary School are founded.
  • 2002: 2nd Junior - Senior High School is founded.
  • 2007: the Day Care Center is founded.

The many years of experience of all the staff and the exceptional successes of our students at all levels enable us to have confidence and authority in our work. Our students have won the first, second and third places in worldwide international school competitions, Olympiads, and Balkan Olympiads, a total of 43 times. Mandoulides Schools have been selected by Microsoft as Microsoft Showcase School (one out of only three educational institutions throughout Greece) for five consecutive years. These distinctions of the Schools are a manifestation of the innovative actions and educational programs that have been implemented for years, with emphasis on the use of new technologies in both education and administration.

Mandoulides Schools are also exemplary for combining quality in education with the values promoted by continuous involvement in the arts and sports. The powerful role played by cultural and athletic activities and competitions has brought accolades to the Schools throughout its more than 40-year history. Innovation as a way of life, and innovative educational programs with the support of new technologies, are a guarantee of progress and a witness to the Schools’ commanding preparedness for the future.


Franchise Costs & Investment Requirements

Investment Requirements

The amount of investment depends on the location of the Mandoulides School franchise.

How to Start a Mandoulides School Franchise

Once you contact us for more information, a franchise development manager will reach out to learn about you and answer any initial questions you might have. After that, you will go through the following process:

  1. You will receive an email that will direct you to our online application. It asks for background work history and financial information.
  2. You will meet with a franchise development manager who will provide you with our Franchise Disclosure document explain the opening procedure in detail, discuss the support we offer, and answer your questions.
  3. Once you complete your due diligence, you will be invited to attend our Meet Our Team Day, which is held at our corporate offices in Thessaloniki, Greece. This gives you the opportunity to get to know the people who will help and guide you when you become a franchisee.
  4. Once we agree that moving forward would be mutually beneficial, you will be awarded a license to open a Mandoulides Schools franchise.
  5. During the process of your franchise being formed, you will complete a series of training courses online and at our corporate offices to prepare you to operate a School franchise.
  6. Once you complete the training, a member of our openings team will help you prepare to open your School!
Site Selection

Both Mandoulides Schools and the government pose building requirements that must be met. Our real estate team will work with you to select a suitable building site. We use data and analytics to identify suitable locations for School franchises.

The following site conditions are considered desirable for our childcare business locations:

  1. Locations near residential communities, neighborhood business areas, office or corporate campuses, and retail shopping centers
  2. Locations near an open, planned or under construction elementary school
  3. Locations near single-family home construction and existing homes with high resale values.

If you are interested in becoming a franchisee, please fill-out the necessary information in the following application form.

Application Form