3rd grade students travel to the school of the past…

Ψηφιακό Μουσείο "Το σχολείο ταξιδεύει στον χρόνο..." - Γ' Δημοτικού

3rd grade students travel to the school of the past…

Irrespective of the time that passes, the memory of our school years remains intact in our minds and hearts.

The remembrance of school life differs for every individual due to the fact that, throughout the years, school has undergone changes related to its form, philosophy, equipment as well as way and rules of operation. Our 3rd grade students had the opportunity to become acquainted with these changes by creating their own digital museum based on the theme “The changes of school over time.”

Inspired by the relevant thematic unit they studied in the subject of Greek, the students collected photos depicting school items, books, clothes, bags as well as their parents’ and grandparents’ mementos of school. Thus, they became acquainted with the school of the past, made comparisons with modern schools and dreamed of a future ideal school.

You can access our digital museum!