The world as we know it is constantly changing, and at speeds that are sometimes frightening. The health crisis, the effects of accelerating climate change, the energy crisis and its intensity due to geopolitical conflicts require societies and individuals to develop new strategies on environmental, social and corporate governance issues.

We consider it our duty to adopt policies and ways that will ensure that our footprint on the environment and people will be constructive and effective.

Sustainability Education

We believe that climate change is the defining challenge of our generation.

We’re committed to reduce our carbon emissions by the end of 2030 and continuously improve our standards, which includes energy and water saving, and recycling. Our zero-waste policy also includes organ donations.

In a world where the long- and short-term effects of climate change pose major challenges, the need for sustainable schools has never been more important. That’s why we’ve made a promise to do more for the planet, by taking less.


In a world where we face significant problems due to both the short- and long-term effects of climate change, sustainable policies are more crucial than ever. We've pledged to do more for the environment while consuming less because of this.

ESG Report

Our dedication to creating an inclusive culture

Nannies, penthouses, and €1.000 strollers are privileges. Best-in-class education shouldn’t be.

University acceptance rates are declining, and the number of top-tier school options remains stagnant. The need for equilibrium in the private school system is clear, but who will deliver it?

By balancing a customized curriculum, state of the art classroom design, and cutting edge technology with accessible tuition fees, we offer a fresh opportunity to parents, teachers, and students.

With a vision in place, now you must now build a brand experience to bring this vision to life. The right brand will position the school to lead by example by bringing an accessible solution for top tier education to the world.

We give our staff the freedom to come up with ideas that benefit the client, the school, and the local community.

An organization can only be as successful as the community it serves, which is why we are dedicated to promoting equal opportunities and welcoming varied viewpoints in order to fulfill our purpose.

Our dedication to bringing about long-lasting change

Every year we're increasing our efforts to offer quality education and improve mastery to our students. In addition, in order to go beyond the conventional school footprint, we are investigating a sustainable strategy.

Building a team that is more inclusive, equitable, and diverse

In an effort to increase the diversity of representation in management and leadership, we are reviewing and modernizing our hiring, promotion, and recruitment procedures. In order to make sure that our teams feel seen and heard, we frequently hold internal community meetings. We are dedicated to improving our anti-racism and bias programs.

Encouraging our group's right to vote

We are convinced that enabling our team to participate in our democracy will have a long-lasting effect on our nation's future. We offer our team members resources and civic education in addition to up to remote work.

Volunteering combined with community involvement

With Community Impact Hours, team members who meet the eligibility requirements can take up to 2 hours of paid time off annually to engage in their preferred impact projects and bring about positive changes in their communities.


Children-nutrition (Ecoliteracy)

The Ecoliteracy program is intended to assist schools and school districts in their efforts to make their food program more transparent, nutritious and ecofriendly.

Thanks to the Noutree, evidence-based, standards and the third-party assessment school food service directors and leadership will have a road map and tools to measure their practices in nutrition and sustainability and recognize where they can make improvements.

Nutrition-notes (Ecoliteracy)

We grasp that schools need time to alter their menus, sources, and, occasionally, buildings and equipment to accommodate more scratch cooking and modified buying so this is a long-term process.

As the first step in our process each school (district) is assigned a Noutree team member and an independent Dietitian. The Dietitian then carries out a baseline evaluation which helps Noutree develop an action plan for the school and/or the district.

This first phase may take a year or longer. The partnership continues as schools keep advancing and pursuing constant improvement

Food-certification (Ecoliteracy)

Standards and assessment provide school principals with the means to develop nutrition programs. Our food certification program is based on extensive best practice research and incorporates various criteria that measure important KPIs.

Our model aims to be time-tested and represent best practices in the areas of nutrition and sustainability. With different levels of accreditation, our standards allow us to design personalized change paths for each school participating in the program.

Our certification was created to guide and strengthen school food programs at whatever stage they are in the process. The points-based approach highlights what schools are already doing and identifies areas for improvement across standards.

Nutrition-data (Ecolioteracy)

Nutritionists and industry professionals from restaurants, schools and agriculture have helped develop our standards. We are committed to continued growth. as such, our standards are regularly evaluated and officially reviewed as new scientific knowledge emerges.

Food Assessment (Ecoliteracy)

Not only do our standards look at the ingredients themselves, but also their origin and preparation. We explore the food environment of our suppliers and the ways in which they support and promote food consumption among students and the wider community.

Cost (Ecoliteracy)

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Program-application (Ecoliteracy)

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