Final of the National International School Competition F1 in Schools

Mandoulides Schools’ team Infinite Racing that participated this year for the first time in the International School Technology Competition F1 in Schools, achieved its objectives, thanks to the team spirit and cooperation among its members. The group was asked to design a CAD drawing program and construct a model with F1 specifications in 1:20 scale. The team consisted of Senior High School students, 6 of whom were main members and 2 supporting. At the National Final held on May 2nd - 3rd 2014, in the shopping center The Mall, in Athens, they managed to win 9th place nationally, a remarkable distinction for a group competing for the first time at this level. Invaluable assistance of sponsors, teachers, and external consultants contributed to the team's success.

One of the stages of the team’s preparation was its participation in the Regional Competitions for Northern Greece, held on April  4th - 5th 2014, at Fryganioti Schools in Thessaloniki. Despite the difficulties encountered, the Schools’ team made a great impression and managed to qualify for the National Final, winning the 5th place.

The team comprised of the following students:
V. Aidonidis (11th grade)
S. Delemisi (11th grade)
C. - M. Iakovidis (11th grade)
V. Niavi (10th grade)
A. Paikos (11th grade)
N. Pampoukidou (11th grade)
I. Salamotas (10th grade)
P. Stamou (11th grade)