Zografeios Agon Short Story Contest (31/01/2016)

“Zografeios Agon”
Short Story Contest on the theme:
Istanbul: Real City or Dream City

As part of the annual International Student Conference held in Istanbul, Zografeio Lykeio of Istanbul and Mandoulides Schools of Thessaloniki are reviving the  “Zografeios Agon,” a competition organized by the Philological Association of Istanbul in the late 19th century to award 10 of the best essays “on living monuments,” essays that present “Greek dialects, traditions and customs of the Greek people,” with the “generous sponsorship of the founder of the competition and great benefactor of the Association, Christakis Efenti Zografou.”

The “Zografeios Agon” contest today aims to become an international short story competition on the theme, Istanbul: Real City or Dream City.

How can anyone forget the burden of the history of Istanbul, a rare metropolis that has existed for two thousand years and more? The diamond of the East and the dream of the West, the City is a wonderful city occupying a special place in history and in the heart of every Greek. All know of it and many have visited it. For some, it is a subject of dreams, created through historical texts, biographies, and narratives, but also through the testimonies of relatives and friends.

In any case, it is a city that inspires you and we ask you to dedicate your own story to it.