Art Competition 2017

The Panhellenic Student Art Competition, which were organized with the approval of the Ministry of Education for the third consecutive year by Mandoulides Schools, were held with great success and the participation of 600 students from 25 junior and senior high schools of Greece and the Diaspora. Students competed in theater, music, poetry, painting, photography and video.

It was a 3-day event full of art, culture, education, creativity and collaboration with peers, reflection, joy, and optimism for the new generation, where students had the opportunity to cultivate and show off their skills in artistic expression and creation, to realize the value of art in modern times, and to create with sensitivity and compassion.

The awards ceremony, presented by Panagiotis Kountouras , was held on the last day of the Art Competition. Zografeio Lykeio in Istanbul participated in the ceremony  with a music and dance performance by Zografeio students.

Awards were then given for all categories. The following students and schools received awards:

Category: Video

1st Award 2nd Experimental Junior High School of Thessaloniki, "Not another bullying movie"
2nd Award Mandoulides Schools, "Mute"
3rd Award Junior High of Neapolis, Agrinio, «Μια ανοιχτή αγκαλιά» (Open Hug)
Audience Award 1st GEL of Sykies, «Το Κάστρο στον Λόφο» (The Castle on the Hill)

Category: Theater

1st Award 1st Junior High and 1st GEL of Katerini, «Για ένα πουκάμισο αδειανό» (For an empty shirt)
2nd Award Ekpedeftiki Anagenisi, «Το παιδί με τη βαλίτσα» (The child with the suitcase)
3rd Award Mandoulides Schools, «Λεωνής» (Leonis)
Performance Award 1st Senior High School, I. Panagiotidis
Audience Award 1st GEL of Messini, «Εκκλησιάζουσαι»

Category: Music

1st Award Music School of Volos
2nd Award Mandoulides Schools
3rd Award Music School of Siatista
Excellent Performance Award Zografeio Lykeio
Audience Award 1st GEL of Xanthi

Category: Poetry

1st Award Mandoulides Schools, A. Simeonidou, «Χωρίς Αγάπη» (Without Love)
2nd Award 1st GEL of Xanthi, Ch. Georgiadou, «Πριν χαθείς» (Before you get lost)
1st GEL of Sykies, E. Kampouri, «Προσφυγιά» (Migration)
Mandoulides Schools, Κ. - Α. Zagkri, «Αυτή η νύχτα» (This night)
3rd Award 2nd Experimental Junior High School of Thessaloniki, Μ. Tsivou & Κ. Seseri, «Σημείο Καμπής» (Turning point)
Mandoulides Schools, I. Sakaloglou, «Αγάπη» (Love)

Category: Painting (Junior High School)

1st Award Ekpedeftiki Anagenisi, S. Petrogianni
Zografeio Lykeio, M. Poridis
2nd Award Mandoulides Schools, Ch. Tampou
3rd Award Zografeio Lykeio, N. Poridis

Category: Painting (Senior High School)

1st Award 4th GEL of Stavroupoli, D. Sofianou
2nd Award 1st GELof Thermaikos, N. Mprama
Ekpedeftiki Anagenisi, Α. Chimoniadou
3rd Award Mandoulides Schools, A. Zevgaridou
Hellenic-French School, Saint Josef, D. Sklavou
Audience Award 1st GEL of Thermaikos, N. Mprama

Category: Photography

1st Award 2nd Junior High School of Kalyvia, M. Marinakis
2nd Award Mandoulides Schools, M. - S. Christodoulaki
Zografeio Lykeio, M. Poridis
3rd Award 2nd Junior High School of Kalyvia, M. Kampengera
Audience Award 2nd Junior High School of Kalyvia, M. Marinakis

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