Graduation Ceremony 2017

This year's 12th Grade Graduation Ceremony of Mandoulides Schools took place on the Junior-Senior High School premises and it included music, dance, a screening of "moments" of school life, speeches and awards.

The keynote speaker of the event was Mr. Tasos Tzikas, President of TIF - HELEXPO and President of the Hellenic Association of Enterprises of Informatics and Communications (SEPE). Mr. Tzikas, after describing the dangers and opportunities of the times to come, addressed graduates mentioning, among other things, "In these times of crisis Greece might be plunging regarding economic indices, such as competitiveness, where from no. 47 we have fallen to no. 86 (having lost 39 positions) in the past 7 years, but there is one index where Greece, according to the World Economic Forum and the Economist, is in the top 10 in the world ranking, and that is the index of specialized and scientific human resources. What does this mean? That the country, apart from its tourism, shipping and civilization, has another great advantage, "its people", that is you, tomorrow's scientists. An army of knowledge that can reform the country and put it on the world map of growth and digital economy. Greece can become the California of Europe in the years to come and you can be the pioneers of such a goal. With the power of your knowledge, the hunt of your dream, the persistence of your goals. Do not be afraid of the crisis. It shall pass. Do not give up!"

A farewell speech to the graduates was delivered by the President of Mandoulides Schools, Mrs. Aikaterini Mantoulidou, who first addressed the parents and thanked them for their trust: "You have trusted your children with us. From the little you have, not from the lot, you have invested in the education of your children, you have offered them the best. I hope we have responded". Mrs. Mantoulidou then made a reference to the life and work of Evangelos Mantoulidis, founder of the Schools, and considering his ten years of absence she stated: "The best memory event for Evangelos Mantoulidis took place a few days ago at the graduation ceremony of our son, Christos, from Stanford, USA, where he completed his Doctorate in Mathematics. Christos was honored as the best assistant professor in the Mathematics Department for academic year 2016 - 2017. The reference to the name Mandoulides and the honorary title he was awarded was a tribute to his father". Addressing the graduates Mrs. Mantoulidou said: "My dear children, for you, the eminent graduates of Evangelos Mantoulidis's school, let the example of his life be a bright example as you will pursue your own dreams and conquer peaks. But my dear children, eagles and reptiles alike reach the peaks of the mountains! Personally, I bid you farewell today hoping that you conquer these peaks by flying".

Mrs. Aspa Chasioti, General Director and Senor High School Principal of the Schools, welcomed the attendants and addressing the graduates, she stressed: "Undoubtedly the Schools have marked you, but you, with the same intensity, left your own mark on the school too. We hope you will return frequently and maintain consistent ties with your classmates and teachers. Both my colleagues and I wish you the best in your life. Remember that life should not be taken for granted. The future will not come by itself if you do not struggle, if you do not try for your own dreams, if you do not ascend to the nice and useful, high above to the exciting peak that is learning and knowledge, if you don’t work hard for a better world. My dear students, only work can fill the soul and save the world!"

In his speech, Philippos - Ilarion Sytilidis, Harvard University Student, who graduated from the Schools in 2016, mainly referred to his experience from his first year of studies at the top university institution.

Honorary awards were given to Mrs. Eleni Mousafeiri, Mrs. Maria Bonatsaki, Mrs. Argyro Mavrogeni and Mr. Christoforos Sourvalos for their long-term contribution to the Schools, on the occasion of their retirement.

Additionally, awards were presented to graduates who were admitted into top American and European universities, or gained distinctions in international and national competitions in mathematics, physics, computer science, F1 in Schools, Forensics, international conferences, Greek language, music, theater, dance, drawing and, of course, sports.

The "Evangelos Mantoulidis" award was presented to graduate V. Georgiadis, while the farewell speech on behalf of this year's graduates was delivered by Parmenion Koutsogeorgos.

These year's graduates were greeted by Savvina Romanou - Pylli and Paschalis Adamidis.

The graduates were welcomed to the School Alumni Association by the President of the Board of Directors of the Association Christina - Dionysia Sarantidou, lawyer, graduate of 1998.

In the artistic part of the event the orchestra and choir of Mandoulides Schools played and sang under the direction of Ioannis Polymeneris and Eleni Theodoridou respectively, with mathematician Ilias Katsogiannis as soloist.

The graduation ceremony, which took place in an atmosphere of emotion, was attended by parents, relatives of graduates, teachers, as well as representatives of the intellectual and political world, and of local authorities.

Photos of
the Event