Educational Program, Erasmus+ “Education for Heritage, Heritage for Education” - Spain

The 3rd professional development meeting for teachers was held in Torremolinos, Spain, from 6 to 12, June 2019, as part of the Erasmus+ “Education for Heritage, Heritage for Education” program. Teachers of the Schools Ms. E. Alexiou, Ms. N. Argyropoulou and Mr. D. Chatzakis took part.

During the visit, participants had the opportunity to get involved in training activities as well as workshops on innovative teaching methods and observation practices, which serve the objectives of the program and are provided by the country hosting the event each time.

They also toured the host school and visited historical monuments, exhibitions, museums and areas of natural beauty  such as the Alhambra Palace, Granada, the Caves of Nerja, Malaga and the Picasso Museum