Distinctions in “Virtual Trial” qualifying round

Distinctions in “Virtual Trial”

Distinctions in “Virtual Trial”

Our students gained distinctions in the qualifying round of “Virtual Trial - Protagoras”, which took place in Thessaloniki for the first time and was hosted at the Schools. The event was coordinated by the organization Afixis.

More specifically, the two junior high school teams and the two senior high school teams were selected to participate in the finals, which will take place on 7 and 8, March in Athens. The following students were also presented with “Best Speaker” awards:

Angelopoulou, D. Karavasilis, P. Katsioula, O. Kerameos, P. Marmaridou, E. Mitrou, A. Papadopoulos, Ch. Tsiouma.

The keen presence and participation of our students in the competition was the result of a preparation that was made within the context of noble competition, cultivation of critical thinking and development of rhetorical abilities.

Virtual Trials “Protagoras” are simulations of the judicial system, adapted at junior and senior high school level, where students are invited to argue in the role of lawyers and witnesses in an attempt to persuade the judges that represent the common sense of justice. The topics they discuss are based on real-life cases from around the world that have concerned justice and divided opinion.

During their preparation, our students were visited by Mr. Dimitris Zerdelis, Professor at AUTH Law School, who gave them valuable information on how they can deal with legal issues from the point of view of the lawyer and the witness.

The students that took part in Virtual Trial were:

Senior High School:

Angelopoulou, E. Athanasiadou, Ch. Karafyllia, P. Katsioula, D. Koutsogeorgou, E. Mitrou, E. Stourna, I. Stryvakis, E. Triaridou, Ch. Tsiouma.

Junior High School: 

Ch. Zerdelis, D. Karavasilis, K. Karagkitsi, O. Kerameos, P. Marmaridou, A. Papadopoulos, S. Papathanasiou, M. - L. Szamosi - Kalligkatsi, D. Siagkri, M. Tselliou.