Mandoulides Schools student participates in State Conservatory concert

Καλοκαίρι στο Μέγαρο: Κύκλος Νέων Μουσικών
Mandoulides Schools student participates in State Conservatory concert 

Student Th. Kyparos (7th Grade) participated as a violin soloist in a concert of selected students of the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki, which was held by the Organisation of Thessaloniki Concert Hall on Wednesday, 15 July, at the Maurice Saltiel atrium of the Thessaloniki Concert Hall, under the general title “Summer in the Concert Hall: Circle of Young Musicians”.

It is worth noting that, after four months of exclusive online activity due to the coronavirus pandemic, this was the first live music event of the Thessaloniki Concert Hall that was open to the public.