The Little Goblins of 2nd Grade

Τα καλικαντζαράκια της Β’ Δημοτικού

The Little Goblins of 2nd Grade

 Using the book “The Christmas when Everything Changed” by Maria Papagianni, as a basis, the 2nd Grade students of the Primary School went on a journey into the past and the Greek folkway traditions. At the same time, they became familiar with the myths and folklore that talk about the goblins and their tricks at Christmas and New Year’s day.

Using their imagination and showing their artistic flair, the children gifted us with their incredible artistic creations featuring the goblins, the main characters of this festive time!

Our young students chose this way to send their wishes for a happy and creative new year to everyone!

 The Goblins of the classes B1, B2, B3        The Goblins of the classes B4, B5