Offer of medical equipment worth €30,000 to Ippokrateio for the Home Care program

The Head of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki honored Mandoulides Schools for their offer of medical equipment worth €30,000 to Ippokrateio Hospital of Thessaloniki for the support of children with disabilities integrated in the Home Care program.

To demonstrate concrete support towards the national endeavor to combat the pandemic and towards the struggle of the doctors and nursing personnel of the country, Mandoulides Schools took initiative, sensitized students, parents, friends and colleagues and managed to raise the amount of €30,000 in order to purchase medical equipment for the needs of the 3rd University Pediatric Clinic of Ippokrateio Hospital in Thessaloniki.

The 3rd University Pediatric Clinic of Ippokrateio Hospital in Thessaloniki is the reference center for children from throughout Northern Greece suffering from COVID-19 virus. The clinic is also responsible for the Home Care program that supports children with disabilities. To date, the Home Care program has treated 248 children with serious health problems, facilitating their independence from the Clinic and a safe return to their homes, always with the cooperation and supervision of specialized medical teams of the Clinic.

More specifically, the total amount of €30,000 that was raised was used for the purchase of the following equipment in order to support children with disabilities integrated in the Home Care program:

Kind of Medical EquipmentQuantityTotal amount including VAT
NOXVT3s Systeme with SPO2
(Sleep study equipment)
558210 Disposables kit for 80 researches1€650
Pulse Oximetry Sensor1€200
Capnography and oximetry monitor/CLEO with SPO, NIBP, & CO21€5.336
Disposables: Sterile capnography glasses1€239
Consumables: Connective device tube with filter for the glasses1€104
Consumables: Tube with connective airway adaptor for intubation1€250
Oximeter consumables: Adhesive oximetry sensors1€375
Sphygmomanometer consumables: Pressure gauge cuffs5€156
36-MS10-STK Portable spirometer adaptor (Vyaire)2€1.116
861427 Calibration syringr adartor (Vyaire)1€62
36-PSA1200 Paediatric disposable cardboard mouthpieces package 250 (Vyaire)2€112
V-892384 MicroGard IIC package 50 (Vyaire)1€87
Portable Monitor Model Μ322€4.166
3-channel electrocardiograph FUKUDA DENSHI FCP-8100 with diagnostic system1€1.922
Limp Calmp Electrodes Set 4 colours F9024SSC1€17
Set of 6 chest ECG electrodes for children F9008SSC - 15mm1€22
DELL Laptop Vostro 5401 14.0'' FHD/i7-1065G7/24GB/512GB SSD/NVIDIA
MX330 2GB/Win 10 Pro/3Y NBD/Vintage Gray
Nasal high-flow device Airvo 2, accompanied by reinforced wheeled IV stands, a support base for the device and consumables storage kit.1€4.340
Total €30.508

As educators at Mandoulides Schools our main priority pertains to the benefits of education. However, it should be one of our most fundamental duties to guarantee health care services to all children of the world.

We would like to consider that our contribution will relieve the daily struggle of children of the Home Care program, grant them more time with their beloved ones and at the same time provide them with the necessary care and treatment on behalf of both the medical and nursing personnel and their families.

We warmly thank all those who contributed in order for us to surpass our goal and realize this generous offer. From the very first moment and with moving eagerness parents, teachers, students and friends of Mandoulides Schools united with us in this action of love and solidarity, aiming to support the work of doctors and nurses of the Home Care program as well as offer the best health and life quality conditions to these magnificent children.

During a unique ceremony the Head of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Professor Th. I. Dardavesis granted an honorary plaque and diploma to Mrs. Aikaterini Mandoulidou, President of Mandoulides Schools, both for the Schools’ offer of medical equipment and the fundraising related to the establishment of a telemedicine program for these children as well as all children exhibiting serious health complications. Furthermore, the announcement released by the Faculty of Health Sciences acknowledging “the moral and material contribution of the Schools to this program” highlights that “by making this offer Mandoulides Schools considerably contribute to the efforts for better supervision, fewer doctor appointments and admissions to the hospital and mainly the amelioration of the quality of life for these young patients and their families.”

Amongst the attendants at the ceremony were the Heads of the Schools of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy Professors P. Fortomaris and Κ. Kaxrimanis, the Deputy Head of the School of Medicine Professor St. Triaridis, the Professor and Director of the 3rd Pediatric Clinic Em. Roilidis, the Director of the program and Emeritus Professor Ι. Tsanakas, members of the Clinic that voluntarily support  the Home Care program as well as F. Kyrvasilis, Associate Professor of Pediatrics - Pulmonology,  El. Xatziagorou, Associate Professor of Pediatrics - Pulmonology, the Principal of Zografeio Lykeio in Instanbul Ι. Demirtzoglou and the General Director of Mandoulides Schools Dr. Aspa Chasioti.