8th National School Sports Day at Junior-Senior High School

Πανελλήνια Ημέρα Σχολικού Αθλητισμού

8th National School Sports Day at Junior-Senior High School

The established National School Sports Day for students of the Junior-Senior High School took place on Friday, 24 September, on the sports premises of Mandoulides Schools.

Our students formed teams and played traditional games, danced folk dances and participated in football and basketball tournaments.

The activities were completed successfully and in compliance with all the measures necessitated by the current epidemiological conditions. In the framework of the 8th National School Sports Day, various sports activities took place on the Elementary School premises, as well. The goal was for the students to participate in activities that were specially designed and adapted according to their age and personal skills.

All 1st-6th grade students participated in cycling races, sprint races, relay races with balls, obstacles and targets. Moreover, they engaged in team sports, thus cultivating team spirit, collaboration skills and friendship principles.