2nd grade students reach the “7 Summits”

Τα δευτεράκια ανεβαίνουν «Στις 7 κορυφές»

2nd grade students reach the “7 Summits”

On Friday, 29 October, our 2nd grade students had the opportunity to attend the presentation of the book “On 7 Summits” by Maria Rousaki, published by Patakis, at the Cultural Center of Mandoulides Schools.

Guided by the writer, our students looked through the pages of the book, which presents a wonderful allegorical story along with a tour around the highest mountain peaks of the world. At the same time, reference was made to the attributes that children need to cultivate in order to reach their goals and realize their dreams.

During the book presentation, our students had the chance to communicate via the Internet with the main heroine of the book, Christina Flampouri, who was the first Greek woman to reach the top of Everest and fulfill the “7 Summits Project.”

The event was part of the activities incorporated in the program “We talk about ourselves,” as this particular book provides positive role models for students and motivates them to equip themselves with courage and dreams in order to achieve their goals.

Being fascinated by the story, the students left having countless thoughts in their minds!