Student’s participation in the International Physics Olympiad 2022

International Physics Olympiad 2022 (IPhO)

3rd place in the Panhellenic Physics Competition “Aristotle” 2022 - Participation in the International Physics Olympiad 2022

Thanasis Papadopoulos earned 3rd place in the 2nd round of the Panhellenic Physics Competition “Aristotle” for 12th grade students, which was conducted on June 18th on the premises of the Physics Department of the University of Athens.

Our student will be part of the 5-member team that will represent our country in the 52nd International Physics Olympiad, which is being organized by Switzerland and will take place on July 10th to 17th, 2022. Almost 400 students from 80 different countries will participate in the Olympiad.

Due to the epidemiological conditions, the members of each team will meet at the capital of their own country, under the supervision of the Swiss event organizers.

We warmly congratulate our student on his remarkable distinction and wish him the best of luck in the International Physics Olympiad!