Art Competition at Mandoulides Schools

Students’ creativity and expression through art unfolded during the national student “Art Competition” organized by Mandoulides Schools, where more than 300 students participated from 19 junior and senior high schools from Greece and abroad. Students competed in theater, poetry, music (musical and choir ensembles), painting and video.

During the three days of the competition, which took place with the endorsement of the Ministry of Culture and Education, from April 23rd to 25th, 2015, students of the schools that took part were able to express themselves artistically and look for creative and constructive communication channels.Participants were mainly focused on fair play, creative contribution, and coexistence with peers, fruitful discussions and artistic expression rather than on the attainment of a prize.

The following schools participated in the Art Competitions: 2nd High School of Alexandreia, 1st EPAL Ambelokipon, 1st Gymnasium of Aridaia, 1st GEL of Aspropyrgos, 3rd GEL of Evosmos, Intercultural Gymnasium of Evosmos, Zografeio Lykeio, 5th GEL of Kavala, 2nd GEL of Igoumenitsa, Kaisari Schools, 3rd GEL of Kalamaria, 4th Community of Sea scouts of Thessaloniki, GEL of Lagadas, Mandoulides Schools, N. Mpakogiannis Schools, 1st Experimental High School “Manolis Andronikos”, 2nd Experimental High School of Thessaloniki, GEL of Sykia in Chalkidiki, Gymnasium Filiaton.

Mandoulides Schools’ students won the following awards:

1st prize in the category theater: “The only journey of his life” of Georgios Vizyinos

1st prize in the category music

2nd prize in the category video: “Lights camera reaction”

2nd prize in the category poetry: Aspasia - Ramona Spyropoulou, “In white”

3rd prize in the category poetry: Ioannis Michael Arnold - Ambrosiadis, “The Ghost”

Audience Award: Evaggelia Georgisoudi, Mandoulides Schools.

On the last day of the Competitions, along with the awards ceremony, the participants and the public observed performances by renowned artistic ensembles such as the Orchestra of the Cultural Center and the Municipal Conservatory of Thermi “Con Fuoco”, the Chamber Choir “Polyphonic - Rotunda” and Youth Choir of the Municipality of Alexandria “Melissanthi” in a pleasant climate, full of imagination and many surprises prepared by the presenters of the awards ceremony and presenters of the show “Cinema without a scarf” Stathis Kolias and Panagiotis Kountouras, in cooperation with the Schools’ Alumni, Anastasia Kariofylli and Evaggelia Kariofylli.

The next Art Competitions were scheduled for February 25th - 27th 2016.