Major teacher distinctions in Microsoft’s Tech Pill Challenge


Mandoulides Schools philologist teacher, Mr. Pavlos Komianos participated in Microsoft’s Tech Pill Challenge. After being evaluated by Microsoft executives, his presentation was judged to be among the best of a lot of entries from 40 countries around the world.

The challenge was about presenting solutions to problems in the educational system through the creative use of Microsoft software.

In the presentation of Mr. Komianos, one can discover the opportunity to fully exploit Microsoft's innovative software in theoretical subjects, which has made it possible for students to play an active role.

Mr. Komianos will represent the Schools at Microsoft's E2 | Education Exchange event in Paris, on 2 - 4 April 2019, where 300 of the most innovative educators from around the world are invited to participate. These educators have managed to integrate exemplary pedagogical methods of teaching in their lessons by taking advantage of new technologies and thus prepare their students for the 21st century society.

In the same challenge another two Mandoulides Schools teachers, Evangelos Valavanis and Georgia Dimitrakopoulou, were distinguished for the pedagogical solutions to key issues facing educators today that they apply using Microsoft's digital educational tools. Their innovative proposals were awarded in the ‘Article on Microsoft Education Blog Winners’ category.

These distinctions confirm in the best possible way that Mandoulides Schools are deservedly recognized as one of the 3 Microsoft Showcase Schools in Greece thanks to the excellent practices that they use in order to take to advantage of new technologies in the educational process. Besides, in 2018, Mandoulides Schools teacher Maria Papadopoulou, Coordinator of New Technologies at the Schools, was chosen by Microsoft to represent our country at the E2 | Education Exchange held in Singapore. Moreover, in September 2018, Dr. Maria Tsitiridou, Mandoulides Schools Academic & Pedagogical Director of Preschool and Primary Education and Mrs. Maria Papadopoulou participated in Europe Showcase School Summit in Dublin. Every year the Schools hold Science Days, which are open to all the children of the city, and have so far organized two seminars entitled Smart Education open to all the teachers of the city, thus becoming a beacon of innovation in education.