"Simulation of the European Parliament Plenary" 2019

Prosomiosi Synedriasis Olomelias Evropaikou Koinovouliou

2 days "Simulation of the European Parliament Plenary" at Mandoulides Schools

One of the most basic and essential goals of a Greek school with a European character and a global orientation is to strengthen its European identity and to cultivate a national and European conscience in its students. An important prerequisite to having a European identity is for the youth to come into contact and familiarize themselves with the statutory bodies of the European Union that support democracy and its future.

For this purpose, on Thursday, January 17th and on Friday, January 18th, 2019, a "Simulation of the European Parliament Plenary" will be organized at Mandoulides Schools, an event approved by the Ministry of Education, for 10th grade students. In the simulation are taking part 14 public and private schools of Greece and diaspora.

The simulation consists of the formation of eight committees among which approximately two hundred 10th grade students will be allocated. Each of these committees will put a bill to the vote and accept corresponding amendments to individual articles proposed by the other committees. The program’s objective is to produce eight bills, following a vote that will provide solutions to burning issues.

The event is supported by the European Parliament Information Office.

Parents wishing to do so may attend the event.

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