Kindergarten attends the program “A Journey to Ancient Egypt: Pharaoh's Pyramids”

The students of the kindergarten of mandoulides schools , wearing pharaoh hats and looking and listening to their teachers talking to them about ancient egypt

The students of Kindergarten had the opportunity to attend the educational program “A Journey to Ancient Egypt: Pharaoh's Pyramids”. The program is held on the Mediterranean Cosmos premises and is an experience that aims to capture the young children’s interest and give them the first stimuli in the most experiential way towards a first contact with the magical culture of ancient Egypt and its architectural masterpieces.

Under the guidance of specially trained educators, our little visitors admired the most famous architectural masterpieces of ancient Egyptian civilization, such as the Great Pyramid of Giza with its two chambers, with the treasure and the sarcophagus, the Pharaoh’s throne, the mummy and the statues of Tutankhamun, Nefertiti and Anubis.

At the same time, the students had a lot of fun playing interactive games, such as digging for a treasure, creating thematic jigsaw puzzles and discovering secret keys to the palace's hidden gates.