The Schools’ FLL Team visit the President of the Republic

The M-RAST Robotics team visited the President of the Hellenic Republic on Sunday, 19 May, 2019 at the invitation of the Presidency

The «M-RAST» Robotics team visited the President of the Hellenic Republic on Sunday, 19 May, 2019 at the invitation of the Presidency to all the teams that excelled and will represent our country internationally.

Welcoming his young guests, Mr. Pavlopoulos referred to the general principles that should guide and support them in such a commendable course, which, in addition, represents a genuine model of excellence.

From the very first moment of the meeting, the President spoke extensively about the decisive role technology plays in our lives nowadays. He did not hesitate to say that man's relationship with technology and its achievements is full of contradictions created by the creator's “pride” in his creations and by the awe and the resulting fear over these creations.

According to Mr. Pavlopoulos, technology is one of the “noblest” achievements of the mind, as it is based on the smooth transformation of information into knowledge and knowledge into science and “wisdom”. An unmistakable witness to this truth is the fact that thanks to technology and its applications, our lives have changed for the better to such an extent that any comparison with the past -even the recent past- is becoming more and more difficult, as the corresponding scientific “gap” is practically impossible to bridge. However, he did not fail to cite the responsibility and the duty that contemporary scientists have towards man and the need for a rational use of technological achievements.

At the end, after congratulating the members of the school team, the President acknowledged Mandoulides Schools’ long contribution to the educational developments in our country, while stressing that it is one of the few schools that place such emphasis in competitions, aiming at leading positions and always choosing the best mentors. He expressed that hope that our students will continue with the same zeal and the same performance in the creative road they have chosen. He also said that research and discovery is also the most appropriate way of completing their personality according to the noble ambitions each one has, thus honoring our homeland far and beyond its borders.

The participation of the school team in the FLL Worldwide Finals in Educational Robotics Research and Innovation is not only a great distinction and recognition of the hard work of all the members of the team. It is also the vindication of all those people -young and older alike- who believed in the dream and who fought with all their powers to make it come true!