“The Culture of my Land”

O Politismos Tou Topou Mou - Culture

“The Culture of my Land”

We might be staying at home, but that doesn’t mean we can’t “travel” and “tour” around Greece and the rest of the globe with the help of technology.

As part of Environmental Studies unit “The Culture of my Land”, the students of 1st Grade went on a Virtual Field Trip to Ancient Corinth.

The children learned about the excavations in Ancient Corinth, as well as about the daily life and work of archaeologists in a contemporary excavation. They saw how life went on uninterrupted and how civilization evolved over the centuries in the same city by “touching” hundreds of thousands of findings, browsing through archaeologists’ diaries and discovering important information about temples, fountains, shops, galleries, baths and famous statues.

Ms. Eleni Gizas, Steinmetz Family Foundation Museum Fellow, Corinth Excavations at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, accompanied us on the trip and guided us around Ancient Corinth.