"A day at the Museum"

Μπορεί ο κορονοϊός να μας κρατήσει μακριά από τα μουσεία; «Όχι!», φωνάζουν οι μαθητές των Προνηπίων και των Νηπίων - "A day at the Museum"

"A day at the Museum"

Can the coronavirus keep us away from museums? "No!", is what the students of the Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten shout out. The young students of the Schools had the opportunity to tour famous museums of the world and to enrich their knowledge, during their online clubs.

They explored the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York (The MET), admired works of art by Vincent van Gogh, got inspired from his paintings "Sunflowers" and created their own painting. They then discovered a rare collection of old musical instruments, and later entered the armor hall, learned details about the knights' lives and made their own coat of arms. To browse the museum, click here.

The voyage continued in England, at the National Museum of the Royal Navy. There, they met the imposing HMS Trincomalee, the oldest warship that still floats. They toured the deck, "went down" its stairs and entered it. There, they saw the captain's cabin, the ship's cannons and made their own pirate map. To browse the museum, click here.

They also took a virtual tour of the Bicycle Museum of America and learned about the history of cycling. "Walking online" among the exhibits they saw the world's first bicycle and watched its evolution over the years. To browse the museum, click here.

Finally, they traveled to Duxbury, Massachusetts, where they explored the interior of a fire station. They observed the vehicles and equipment of the firefighters and learned more details from them about the great profession of a firefighter. To browse the fire station, click here.