Mandoulides Schools honor the memory of Dusan Ivkovic

Ο αθλητικός κόσμος σκύβει το κεφάλι και σιγεί για λίγο συναισθανόμενος το μέγεθος της απώλειας ενός εκ των σπουδαιότερων προπονητών του κόσμου, του Ντούσαν Ίβκοβιτς.

The sports world demonstrates respect and engages in a shared moment of silence, in recognition of the importance of the loss of Dusan Ivkovic, one of the greatest coaches worldwide. 

In the picture we can see  Dusan Ivkovic and the founder of the Schools, Evangelos Mandoulidis, being photographed with Nikos Zisis, basketball world champion who was a student at the Schools at that time, and Nikos Kerameas, coach of the National Team of Men Under 20. The photo was taken in 1999, after the Greek basketball team AEK had concluded a training session on the premises of Mandoulides Schools Cultural and Sports Center. 

Dusan Ivkovic left a rich legacy of basketball games, trainings, memories, titles, great moments, thoughts, effort, countless hours spent in a court, awards and distinctions but above all generosity and offer. Dusan Ivkovic served basketball, taught it and passed it on in his own unique way.  

The memory of his visit to Mandoulides Schools will always remain vivid in the minds of the players and coaches who were fortunate to meet him in person on that day, converse with him and discover his views on basketball. 

The memory of this exceptional coach characterizes the past, present and future of basketball. 

May his memory be eternal!