Visit of the humanitarian organization “Kids Save Lives” representatives at Mandoulides Schools

The representatives of the humanitarian organization “Kids Save Lives”, Mr. Aggelos Neokazis, Head of the National Defibrillator Network, and Ms. Christina Vlachopoulou, the organization trainer, visited our Schools on Thursday, 27th April.

More specifically, the use of the new defibrillator that our junior high school students won as a reward at the Panhellenic Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Competition and the second one already owned by the school at the Sports Centre, was demonstrated at the Junior-Senior high school premises.

The demonstration was attended by the principals, part of the teaching and administrative staff, and students that had their Physical Education course with their teachers at that time.

Then, the defibrillators were installed in a prominent and accessible spot in special storage boxes following Mr. Neokazis’ instructions and were recorded on the National Defibrillators Map.

Upon visiting the Junior-Senior high school, the representatives also paid a visit to the Elementary school premises for the installation and recording of the defibrillator already owned by the school.