Life Skills Workshop: “Communicating with Confidence” - Studies Abroad

As part of their preparation for applications to universities abroad, students participating in the “Studies Abroad” program took part in a life skills workshop named: “Communicating with Confidence” Becoming a skilled communicator: an invaluable 21st-century skill.

The coordinator of the workshop was Ms. Maria - Araxi Sachpazian, Lecturer at CITY College, University of York Europe Campus.

The workshop aimed to identify the characteristics of effective communication and offer advice on how participants can improve their communication skills. Barriers leading to communication failure were discussed, while the role of strong emotions, such as anger or passion, was also examined, to clarify why they may not be conducive to effective communication.

The objective of the workshop was for the participants to realize the importance and complexity of communication and be able to identify what contributes to clear communication, and the skills they need, to develop and be able to highlight those factors that could hinder effective communication.