The 1 st Grade on a... space mission

On the occasion of the STREAM STEPS project entitled Stars and Planets in your Hands, the students of the 1st grade visited Eduact and implemented the educational STEM and educational robotics Space Adventure programs. The project belongs to the Creative Mornings program and is an integrated robotics workshop. The exploration of space has always excited young and old alike. But how much do we know about our home, the solar system? Why is Pluto no longer part of our planetary family? If it is not a planet, then what category of celestial bodies does it belong to? From the very beginning of the program, the first graders refreshed their prior knowledge and at the same time, learned interesting new things about the neighboring planets. Modern tools such as quizzes and presentations, combined with the LEGO Education SPIKE Essential educational equipment were used in the workshop. The program ended with a challenge, which the children were asked to complete. The best combination of learning and fun!