Eating Healthily

Eating healthily at Mandoulides Schools

Mandoulides Schools, being a well-rounded educational institution, have the responsibility to not only ensure the mental edification of students but also their proper physical development and health.

Children need a diet rich in foods of high nutritional value in order to cover their bodies’ need for growth and health.

In the duration of their school life, children go through periods of explosive growth, which coincide with the development of physical and mental functions, due to their involvement in school and extracurricular activities. Thus, a significant part of their needs in energy and nutritional value must be covered while they are at school.

The fast paced life of families nowadays, after all, often renders the establishment of a healthy diet difficult.

Mandoulides Schools, in a continuing effort to educate their students and increase awareness for parents as far as following a healthy diet is concerned, have been implementing the program “Eating healthily at Mandoulides Schools.”

Eating Healthily Program

Within the framework of this program:

  • Products available in the canteens and lunch menus are designed by nutritional experts according to the instructions of the Hellenic Food Authority and are based on the Mediterranean diet, using, where possible, raw materials tested for their quality and origin with the exclusion of unnecessary animal fat or additional chemicals.
  • All meals are GMO and nut free.
  • Educational programs are implemented to familiarize students with nutrition, health and physical activity issues and participation in health education programs is encouraged.
  • Visits to places of food production and information sessions on processing and preservation of raw materials and promotion of products are organized for our students.
  • A vegetable garden was created on the Kindergarten - Elementary School and Junior-Senior High School premises, to acquaint students with the value of organic products.
  • Information sessions by experts such as doctors, nutritionists, physical education teachers, athletes and authors of children's books are organized for students and parents.
  • Physical growth and dietary habits of students are monitored by doctors and nutritionists.

In order to participate you need to fill out the online registration form at the Schools' digital platform my mandoulides.

Once you have done so, a private agreement between you (parent - legal custodian) and the catering company will be sent to you. Signing the private agreement is a necessary condition for participation in the program. The private agreement is signed only once, after you fill out the first registration form.

The possibility of a weekly trial is offered for the respective five meal fee. On the registration form you can specify which week you would prefer for the trial. Signing the private agreement is a necessary condition for participating in the weekly trial.

The registration form must be submitted by the 20th of each month along with the days of the following month for which you will require the catering company’s services. Payment must be made by the 25th for the upcoming month in the catering company’s bank account.



Elena's Gourmet

Responsible for the daily preparation and distribution of meals will be the company  “Elena’s Gourmet”.

Elena Georgitziki is the owner of the company who, following in her aunt’s, Vefa Alexiadou, footsteps is continuing an established presence in the sector of gastronomy and is ready to prepare a special, homemade menu for you with fresh ingredients that covers all nutritional needs.

The fully renovated food company laboratory which meets all the requirements set forth by the HACCP and has all necessary credentials of the ΕΝ ISO 22000:2005 is at your disposal to cover all your needs.

To become better acquainted with the company “Elena’s Gourmet, visit the website .

Mandoulides Schools’ Program Supervisor

Day Care - Kindergarten - Elementary School
Name: Eleftheria Chorinou
Tel.: +30 2310 473813
Fax.: +30 2310 472001
Principal: Eleftheria Toutountzi

Junior - Senior High School
Name: Christina Liberiadou
Tel.: +30 2310 474024
Fax.: +30 2310 474086
Principal: Florentia Bathrelou