Innovative Programs

Case Studies

For the first time in Greece Mandoulides Schools are introducing case studies in the Projects lesson.

For decades, case studies have been successfully used as an educational tool in prestigious universities abroad and specifically in law, business and medical undergraduate and graduate schools.

Case studies are realistic stories that connect academic knowledge with everyday life. In dealing with case studies, students assume a leading role and answer scientific and ethical questions. This educational method can be used not only to explore scientific issues, but also to develop critical thinking and cultivate team spirit.


  • Development of critical thinking abilities.
  • Cultivation of team spirit.
  • Exploration of modern scientific issues.
  • Predominantly influenced by STEM sciences.

Case Studies

Watch & Learn:
Preparation for the Panhellenic examinations is changing...

For the first time in Greece, Mandoulides Schools are applying exclusively an innovative program, which provides 10th, 11th and 12th grade students the opportunity for further practice on topics of Ancient Greek, Modern Greek, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry on the model of the Panhellenic examinations, online, at home!

Students are able to:

  • See the solutions to original practice questions on video created according to the Panhellenic examinations’ standards, answered in an exemplary manner, as the examination system requires.
  • Familiarize themselves with the system and the examinations’ requirements.
  • Practice addressing challenging questions of varying degrees of difficulty.

Watch & Learn

Flipped Classroom:
The class is changing...

The program Flipped Classroom takes 8th and 9th grade students on an exciting journey of knowledge in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology through modern online lectures, which students can watch at home, before the lectures are given in class!

The implementation of this program allows teachers to spend more time on additional consolidation exercises and to cooperate with all the students in the classroom, while making lectures enjoyable and creative.


F1 in Schools

F1 in Schools is the world's largest technology competition and one of the most comprehensive training programs that enhances the interest of students for Science, New Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM Education), where they acquire innovation & entrepreneurship knowledge, they learn to cooperate and they work in groups according to the standards of professional teams of Formula 1.

1st place in the
«F1 in Schools 2016» 

Art & Science Days

The program caters to 2nd - 12th grade students of Mandoulides Schools and other schools of the city, public and private. Its main aim is to bring children closer to the world of Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy and the arts.

Mandoulides Computer Epathlon & Hackathlon

Students: 4th - 9th Grade

Program Supervisors: Diogenis Ztoupas, Lazaros Tzimkas

Through a variety of activities, students get to know the secrets of programming and develop a creative relationship with the computer.

The program includes:

  • Programming using Javascript in an Adaptive Learning environment.
  • STEM activities on the Minecraft Education Edition platform.
  • Robotics activities.
  • Composing electronic music on a computer.
  • Solving puzzles and introduction to online data protection (Mandoulides Hackathlon).


coding girls

Coding Girls

4th  - 9th grade students

Coding Girls is a unique educational program that aims to inspire all girls to channel their creativity digitally by learning to program, design and direct interactive 3D stories and impressive games. The program has the support of Microsoft Hellas, and it is FREE and open to all girls from 4th to 9th Grade.

The program includes:

  • Creation of virtual 3D worlds only for girls
  • Design and direction of interactive 3D stories
  • Computer games design using MsKodu
  • Development of impressive projects using Alice3D
  • Learning how to program easily and stylishly

Kangaroo Plus

2nd  - 8th grade students

Within the framework of the Mathematical Competition “Kangaroo”, Mandoulides Schools are offering preparatory courses for students who will take part in the competition. During the lessons, Michalis Lamprou, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Crete and the supervisor of the competition in Greece will present questions similar to those that will be found in the competition.


Mandoulides Art Day

4th - 6th grade students

Art Day is an innovative idea that the Schools inaugurated. The school opens its gates to elementary and junior high school students of Mandoulides and other schools, giving them the opportunity to work in areas of artistic creation.


Young Scientists: Exploring Laboratories from an Early Age

4th - 6th grade students

Within the framework of this program, students collaborate in groups in order to create a solar- powered car. The principles of mechanics, energy and its conversions, as well as the development of engineering skills are blended in a mix of learning and fun, with impressive results.


Mandoulides Programming Day

Junior - Senior High School students

Program Supervisor: Lazaros Tzimkas
Lecturer: Christos Malliarakis*

The program aims to inspire students to program their computer. Younger students are taught the philosophy of programming and learn to program in specially designed virtual microcosms. Then they are invited to program virtual robots to find their way out of labyrinths, and to solve playful problems with the minimum number of commands. Older students who are already familiar with programming, are taught algorithms, design and how to solve problems and plan their solutions in the programming language C/C ++.

*Christos Malliarakis is a graduate of the Department of Applied Informatics, University of Macedonia with a PhD in teaching Programming and Masters degrees in Information Systems and Management. He has published more than 30 papers in international conferences, journals and book chapters. He has worked as a Software Engineer and an IT teacher at Mandoulides Schools while he has also prepared students for Olympiads in Informatics.


Mandoulides Robotixlab Day

Students: 5th – 9th Grade

Program coordinator: Antonios Kanouras*

We create the future ourselves! With imagination, creativity and innovative thinking.

How do we envisage the cities of the future?  Can technology help us towards a viable approach?

Robotixlab Day includes three 60-minute workshops on cities of the future. Students are asked to think and combine digital manufacturing technology (3D design and 3D printing) and robotics with the Internet of Things (IoT) to create their future. The workshop is based on Robotixlab's out-of-the-box-learning method, where knowledge is experientially conceived through design, experimentation and testing in a repetitive design cycle of optimal solution approach. The program is designed and implemented by Antonios Kounouras, engineer and founder of Robotixlab.

The program includes:

  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Developing ideas and solutions
  • Programming robots and microprocessors with sensors, electric motors, LED etc.
  • 3D design and 3D printing

* Antonis Kanouras, a graduate of Mechanical Engineering with Robotics from the University of Sussex with a Master's degree in Cybernetics from the University of Reading, and Robotixlab have been collaborating with Mandoulides Schools for 10 years, offering special educational programs of robotics, creative electronics and digital 3D printing to students. His research in the field of Applied Robotics in Recyclable Waste Management has been patented worldwide and he has been awarded by the British Institute of Engineering Technology for his research at the University of Sussex on the subject of Biorobots. Robotixlab's work in education has also been hosted at FAB10 (Barcelona), the Natural History Museum (London) and SXSW (Austin, Texas).

Mathematical Games

5th - 6th grade students

Program Supervisors: Panagiotis Vranis & Ilias Katsogiannis

The aim of the program is to guide and motivate children to approach the basic concepts of mathematics by combining knowledge and entertainment.

The program includes:

  • Solving mathematical puzzles
  • Playful mathematical activities using everyday tangible materials
  • Innovative experiential activities that make children love Mathematics


Mathematical Thinking and Reasoning

Students: 7th - 12th Grade

Introduction to Mathematical Thinking and Reasoning

Students: 6th Grade

Program Supervisors: Panagiotis Vranis & Ilias Katsogiannis

The purpose of this program is to involve and attract the attention of students through carefully designed exercises, subtly leading them to the fundamental understanding of concepts. The aim is to prompt students to experiment, to form hypotheses, and to ask the right questions in order to understand that they are able to overcome obstacles and discover their own answers to questions and complex mathematical problems.


Other Actions

As part of the taught courses, clubs and innovative programs, students seek solutions to real-world problems by combining concepts and methods from the field of STREAM (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art & Mathematics)

After school programs (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science) which prepare students for several national and international competitions.

  • The Science Club in the Science Lab.
  • Mathematical Thinking and Logic.
  • Young Scientists.
  • Modeling.
  • The Future on a Keyboard.
  • Traveling in Spacetime.

Students prepare on advanced computer programming or robotics topics in order to participate in the national competitions of the Greek Computer Society or the First Lego League.

  • Educational visit to CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research), Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Organizing and participating in physics masterclasses.
  • Participation in the CERN competition BL4S (Beamline for Schools) 2016 and in the European Cassini Scientist for a Day competition.

Participation and distinction in the national experiment contest.

For excellent students of 9th and 10th Grade

Computer Science Student Conference under the aegis of the Ministry of Education.

Educational program as part of which students visit NOESIS and participate in various educational programs.