"From Wheat to Bread”

Kindergarten students took part in the educational program “From Wheat to Bread” where they learned about the great nutritional value of bread, which is also the basis of our food pyramid.

During our visit to the “Little Heroes” scientific complex, as part of our innovative program “I take care of my body ... I always eat healthily”, the children had the opportunity to learn about the history of bread, traditional and modern agricultural tools as well as the various types of bread and cereals, while they also watched the whole process of bread production from sowing to eating (sowing, harvesting, threshing, grinding, kneading, baking).

Finally, they wore aprons and caps and, and using small bowls, they kneaded, baked and tasted their own bread. Upon leaving with their little loaves, they also got the recipe so that they could try it at home.